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West Indies Cricket Team Celebrates Victory with ‘Champion’ Dance

“Champion” is the tune recurring in the minds of cricket fans around the world. West Indies cricketers have used the dance step throughout the tournament to celebrate every wicket they struck, and every boundary their batsmen scored. The official release of  the “Champion” song is making rounds on social media.

Dwayne Bravo, dubbed as “DJ,” shakes his leg in the video. The song celebrates the legends of the West Indies cricket team in the coolest manner. The song has grabbed the interest of cricketing as well as non-cricketing sports fans.

The song personifies the ‘rockstar’ character of the West Indies team. It was used for their not-so-sophisticated style of celebration after every victory throughout the tournament. For lay fans, it earlier appeared as a form of sledging. However, it later turned into a form of celebration for not only the West Indies team, but other sides too.

The song labeled West Indies as ‘champion’ even before the team grabbed the coveted prize. It created the tempo for the West Indies team throughout the tournament.

For every West Indies team, the song would be associated with the T20 World Cup 2016, as the tournament has reasserted the dominance of West Indies in international cricket. Not only the men’s team, but the women’s team of West Indies also won the ICC World T20. It was a moment of pride for the Caribbean conglomerate, and this song will keep it alive in our memories for a long time.

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