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Guyana becomes 57th Member of the Islamic Development Bank


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GEORGETOWN, Guyana — Guyana is now a member of the Islamic Development Bank, after joining the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in 1998, according to a press release from the ministry of finance on Friday.

Membership in the OIC is a prerequisite to joining the IDB. The official public announcement of Guyana’s membership will be made when the finance minister of Guyana, Winston Jordan, makes his debut appearance at the 41st Islamic Bank Annual meeting in Jakarta on May 15.

Jordan will also hold the title of governor to the Islamic Bank, and a deputy governor must also be appointed before the next major gathering of the group in Jakarta. This is one requirement expected to be executed by member states of the Islamic Bank.

The finance ministry did not make pubic who will hold these positions. The quick execution of Guyana’s application may have caught the finance ministry by surprise.

Diplomats are urging Guyana to appoint its next ambassador to Kuwait to the OIC as well. This is a logical step and cost efficient, since most of the activities of the OIC and its many organs are based in the Middle East and North Africa region.

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