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Obama Meets Little Girl Who Cried Over His Last Days In Office

The White House/Facebook

The White House/Facebook

The little girl who was upset that President Barack Obama is leaving the Oval Office at the end of his term finally got to meet him.

A video posted on the White House’s Facebook and Instagram pages shows the first grader meeting Obama at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll Sunday. Kameria Crayton, whose family lives in Alabama, according to her grandmother’s Facebook page, happily spoke with the president and took a photo with him and first lady Michelle Obama, along with Crayton’s family.

During the meeting, Obama initially believes the young girl is in second grade. Kameria corrects him, and when the president finds out she is in first grade he tells her, “You’ve got to be a reader now.”

In February, Crayton’s grandmother, Caprina D. Harris, recorded a Facebook video of Kameria crying over the president leaving the White House. The young girl is seen wailing, saying she’s “not ready” for him to go. Harris says on the page that the young girl and Obama share the same birthday – Aug. 4 – and adds that he has been the president for Crayton’s whole life. The video has 3.2 million views to date.

Obama initially responded to Crayton’s sadness with a letter, urging her grandmother to let the young girl know she should “dry her tears because I’m not going anywhere.”

His full response:

“Caprina, tell her to dry her tears, because I’m not going anywhere. Once I leave the White House, I’ll still be a citizen just like her. And when she grows up, she can get involved right alongside me. In the meantime, I’ll keep an eye out for her letter, and we’ll always get to celebrate our birthdays together!”

Watch Kameria’s meeting with President Obama below.

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