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University of Sussex Students Occupy Building, Protest Deportation of Ill Nigerian Classmate

Occupation2The Argus reports that students at the University of Sussex in England have occupied a building within the school, following the proposed repatriation of their Nigerian colleague.

Sources disclose that a Nigerian student named Luqman Onikosi has been fighting against the threat of deportation for more than four years. In the latest twist of his campaign to stay, he received a letter at the end of January, but dated May 2015, that his leave-to-remain application had been rejected. The University of Sussex terminated his degree while he was still writing his dissertation.

Onikosi is said to be suffering from a life-threatening liver condition due to having contracted hepatitis B, an illness which killed two of his brothers. According to campaigners, Onikosi is certain to die if he returns to his native Nigeria. Following news regarding plans to deport Onikosi, Sussex students have occupied rooms in Bramber House on the university’s Falmer campus. The Bramber building has been the scene of several student occupations in recent years which have been costly to the university in response and which saw five students suspended in 2013 before the university lifted their ban.

A University of Sussex spokeswoman said: “We understand the group of students are supporters of Mr. Onikosi, a former student of the university. The students are currently based in a conference room in one of our buildings.  We are, and have always been, very sorry to know of Mr. Onikosi’s illness.”

Banners are being hung from windows in support of the Nigerian student, and the home secretary Theresa May has been criticized by the students for her alleged role in the Nigerian student’s predicament.


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