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Wife of Ex-Cop Who Wrongly Framed a Black Man Begs Judge for Leniency for Her Kids, But What About the Black Children of the Falsely Convicted?

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Former Bloomfield Police Officer Sean Courter, 35, of Englishtown, reacts as his wife addresses the judge during his sentencing. Courter is sentenced before Superior Court Judge Michael L. Ravin after he was convicted by a jury on Nov. 5 of official misconduct and related charges in connection with a 2012 arrest. Courter was sentenced in Newark. February 23, 2016 (Patti Sapone | NJ Advance Media for

Should there be compassion for police officers who commit wrongdoing and ruin lives? A case in New Jersey reveals what happens when police officers arrest a Black man on trumped up charges, openly lie and write up false reports, then are betrayed by the truth telling of the dash cam and exposed as the criminals they are.

As Bill Wichert has reported in over the past several months, the 2012 arrest and assault of Marcus Jeter has been compared to the Rodney King beating incident.  During a traffic stop on the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey, Bloomfield police officers Sean Courter and Orlando Trinidad approached Jeter’s cars with their guns drawn and ordered him out of his vehicle.  One of the cops broke Jeter’s car window and forced him out.

Had they been true, the police reports that the officers wrote up would have been damning for Jeter.  According to those reports, Jeter resisted arrest and attempted to take a gun from one of the officers as he was being removed from his vehicle. Jeter denied those allegation.  The police also claimed Jeter struck one of the officers.

Jeter, who said he was afraid of getting shot, maintained his hands were raised in the air for the duration of the incident.  Although he faced charges based on a dash cam video, a second dash cam video he obtained through an open records request proved Jeter was right and that the officers were liars.  In a twist of fate that we rarely witness, charges were dropped against Jeter, and the cops were indicted, each facing up to five years in prison.  This past November, a jury found the officers guilty of a number of charges, including official misconduct; conspiracy to commit official misconduct; tampering with public records; falsifying or tampering with records; and false swearing.  Trinidad, who had been charged with aggravated assault on Jeter, was found guilty of a lesser count of simple assault.  Both cops had been suspended without pay for two years for their role in the false arrest and cover up.  Call it justice, however rare and meager.  Meanwhile, Jeter filed a lawsuit claiming he was the victim of racial profiling.

“These officers give a bad name to all the good, honest, decent police officers,” said Essex County Assistant Prosecutor Berta Rodriguez. “Courter and Trinidad took an oath to uphold the law. On that day in June of 2012 they violated that oath.”

Yesterday at his sentencing, Courter’s wife Kristina addressed the judge and asked for leniency for her husband.  She spoke about the financial and emotional impact on their family, and the impact on their children of having their father in custody.

“Emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, we are at a loss due to Sean being gone,” said Kristina Courter, also saying that “having Sean gone has felt like a death in the family.”

The woman added that their 4-year-old daughter cries at night, their 7-year-old daughter has stopped singing the way she used to in the shower, and their 9-year old-son stays alone in his room.

“I love my children more than anything in the world and I know they need me,” Sean Courter told the judge, wearing a white jail outfit. Courter’s attorney, Charles Clark, said his client “saved lives as a police officer” and has “led an extraordinary life as a police officer,” as reported.

As the wife of a crooked cop seeks compassion from the court and leniency for her husband for his criminal wrongdoing, she emphasizes the impact his imprisonment is having and will have on their children.  While this may be the case, it also highlights the plight of Black children — innocent girls and boys who are rendered fatherless because of criminal police officers such as Courter who frame their daddies.  Will we ever know how many Black men are languishing in prison — perhaps for their entire lives or until they are put to death like a dog — for crimes they did not commit?  And did the court show any compassion or leniency for the children of the falsely convicted, who often receive no restitution even after the injustice is uncovered?

Sean Courter may love his children, but he did not consider the well-being of his children when he committed this heinous crime of attempting to lock up an innocent Black man?  How many Black children are suffering, and how many police officers were promoted and awarded for their corruption?  This is something to consider as more of these cases come to light.

Courter was sentenced to five years without parole, according to a report from the Associated Press.

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103 thoughts on “Wife of Ex-Cop Who Wrongly Framed a Black Man Begs Judge for Leniency for Her Kids, But What About the Black Children of the Falsely Convicted?

  1. Jered Knox says:

    He should have thought about his kids while he was doing dirt. I opereate off a simple thought now that I have a kid. Will anything I do today prevent me from coming home to my son tonight? If the answer is yes, I DONT DO IT!

  2. May he get gang rape and rot in prison!

  3. What we should do is to have the black leaders of our local and national communities stand up and fight for us. If they don't then we as a people need to.

  4. Lisa A Trass says:

    That broad has some nerve, who gives a damn about his kids. he should have been tried for a hate crime, its obivous he did that because that man was black although it would have been hard to prove. that lawyer of his neds to stick a sock down his throat…idiot

  5. His wife was trying to invoke her white privilege, and it didn't work. Sad sob stories of little babies without daddy. But what about his family, did he consider what if…. They never do. Meanwhile the victim is in jail or in the morgue. Did he think about that man's family.

  6. But yet nothing has been done about any of it?

  7. Leniency yerass ! Fry his testicles !

  8. He didn't care about the man's family. I wonder how many more false arrests he made black,white etc. He should receive more time. Happy there is no parole.

  9. He didn't care about the man's family. I wonder how many more false arrests he made black,white etc. He should receive more time. Happy there is no parole.

  10. The nerve of some people. He should've been a good loving cop. Bye woman

  11. Frank Butler says:

    He didn't give a damn about who he was hurting, so nobody should give a damn about his effing family. Good. You suffer. Suffer a lot. This man could have been killed and they would have lied about it, like they always do, and then his name would be dragged through the mud and these guys would have gotten away with it with a bunch of idiots defending them. Those all lives matter a-holes don't have anything to add here.

  12. Marco May says:

    I have to agree with Jared. The old proverb says " do unto others, as they would have done to you "

  13. Well written article, very informative. Powerful and true conclusion.

  14. Make him a deal: time removed from the sentence for every person (white or black) that he has framed and/or the name of each additional crooked cop on the force. Just a thought.

  15. 2 more pigs in a blanket .. next………….. cause pigs are flying left right and center these days , and its about fucking time , these trigger happy thugs pay for their sins … put the thug pigs and the douche bag wanna be Gangstas on the same unit , and let nature do her thing…. #FTP #FTUSA

  16. she got a pair huh, she doesn't care about no black man getting beat-up, lied on, thrown in jail ,my white kid are more important, so what , he's black he probably guilty of something, but what about my white kids

  17. I am in South Africa and read stories about Ferguson and all other areas where it is NOT SAFE TO BE A BLACK MAN. To me me this cop is one of many who enjoyed "the game" of beating up and humiliating a black man. This case is one where I breathe a sigh of relief because the cops got caught in their web of lies and deciet against BLACK people. When I read stories on the Atlanta Blackstar or Black Lives matter I am always left out of words in how our bothers and sisters are murdered by cops day in day out.
    Most of you know Nelson Mandela (who preached reconciliation like Dr Martin Luther King Jnr), but we once had had leader named Steve Bantu Biko who was murdered by the apartheid regime in 1977 who coined the phrase "Black man you are on your own" and this is the case with African Americans. If you don't stand up, no one will stand up on your behalf. No one understands your struggles and material conditions better than yourselves, so Rise up Black men!!

  18. Brenda Guy says:

    What about Mr Jeter's family the devastation. This ex officers wife says how they're daughter cries at night for her daddy I think they are both still selfish look at what your husband's actions would have caused Me. Jeter's family. Then he says he loves his children more than anything well I beg the differ cause if so you would have did your job correctly and not try to frame an innocent man. Although this ex officer was wrong I would have maybe had a little passion far as his sentencing if he had come forth on his own and corrected his wrong. If it had not been for the dashcam an innocent man would have been serving a prison sentence for nothing. His life and his family would have been devastated. He could have been seriously injured or killed in prison and he wasn't even suppose to be there. Even if not that to take his freedom for nothing is devastation enough. I hope they impose he maximum sentence they can and he's made to serve it out day for day. He's a coward a twenty century Lynch mob he doesn't deserve leniency. So what it's going to impact his family financially, or physically it should. His wife may need to take two jobs and far as it effecting the family emotionally let your children know their father is a liar and a poor excuse for a father and he has no regard for human life. Put him in population when he gets to prison. He's going exactly where criminals need to be. With this selfish plea he and his wife are making to the court he's not sorry for what he's done he's sorry he got caught

  19. Boo hoo, the kids are better off not having a lying coniving cop/dad around them. They need to learn actions have consequences. I am sure mommy didn't tell the kids that dad lied and tried to send an innocent man to prison for NO REASON. And if she is struggling financially? Get a job! In the two years he has been suspended without pay, HOME to watch the kids, mom couldn't find a job? I was at work when my daughter turned 1. They didn't say the cops were in jail waiting sentencing.

  20. Haniya Rajput FUK I wish Facebook would flipping stop these sites!

  21. Lets stop with the use of the term BROAD, or CHICK, she is a WOMAN. She didn't do the crime against Jeter.. so do not condemn her. She is just as much a victim to her a$$hole husband's behavior.

  22. YOu don't know she doesn't care. But she also has 3 kids she wants to take care of and make happy. She never said "Hey he's just a black guy, and I am a white woman in society with three aryan nation children to keep the white power alive!" I mean come on… He will go to jail, and she will figure it out.. but lets not put words in her mouth

  23. Lydia Howell says:

    Sentence this abusive cop to the MAX. No mercy is shown to people of color & the poor when it's THEIR children who will be losing them to the prison-industrial complex.

  24. Lydia Howell says:

    Elizabeth Chubbuck mark it as SPAM it will go away

  25. Lydia Howell says:

    WHEN do the VICTIMS of POLCIE BUTALITY, COVER-UP0, FALSE CHARGES & MURDER get the compassion you demand for this cop who VIOLATED HIS OATH. If we held mroe of the cops like this ACCOUNTABLE we could clean up the mess of dirty policing. Hey, so-called "Good COps" TURN IN THE CORRUPT & BRUTAL COPS NOW.

  26. Elizabeth Chubbuck this CHICK; knew exactly what he was doing and knew exactly what he is….racist. she's probably racist too!!! FOH with that BS. Go take care of your kids like the next woman does!!

  27. Elizabeth Chubbuck anytime you stand up for the guilty; that's what you are saying to the victim and their family…..regardless of race


  29. Elizabeth Chubbuck, I don't care about what this dame feel. In 2012 my son was murdered by white cops after visiting his white girl friend who was pregnant with his child, and he had 3 other black children under 4 who will never have a father, who was a loving and caring man. The white pigs took their father forever, so that crazy woman need to know the pain of black women..too bad he didn't get more time



  31. Eric Johnson says:

    She needs to get her children some therapy if they're that upset.

  32. Kim Ackridge says:

    They are both racist pos, best believe they past that nasty hate on to their children.

  33. I agree with what you have said, but only removing one week . That way he will give up at least 100 or more incidents

  34. Let this be lesson to all corrupt police officers

  35. I bet he would go home and have a glee ole time with his family bragging and laughing about the ABUSE he had done to many others. NOW SHE WANNA ACT LIKE "WHITE LILY" as if he was a upstanding cop! I hope he get EVERRRRRRYTHING PLUNGE UP HIS ASS without any aide.

  36. Omar Black says:

    They puppets man. you really believe that bulkshit you just said

  37. Dae Giovanni says:

    i can't laugh at her request enough. i'd need like, 4-5 more lungs and at least six more mouths. some fuckin' nerve.

  38. John Monds says:

    Elizabeth Chubbuck Sorry, but it's inferred and if the judge had been cop friendly, as many are, it may have worked. She would have been smarter to apologize the victim and his family, but noooo, it's about her and her kids.

  39. Basil Malik says:

    They don't give a damp about a man's family when they arrest them for no reason, charge them falsely. Many black men barely recover. Even if found not guilty, there are jobs that consider the arrest record and disregard outcome. Most black people, those with a modicum of contribution to society, have to take lesser pleas to be done with the court travel, lawyer fees (including myself). This is what systemic racism looks like. I think cops who are caught doing this should be punished more harshly not less. They operate outside of the promise of justice and shut on the constitution. There should never be any mercy. Kudos for the prosecution not turning a blind eye to this miscarriage of justice, only if all jurisdictions would follow suit, America would be a better place.

  40. David Henry says:

    Her husband is the cuase of her misfortunate based on his decisions on that day. Had it not been for the video, he would have continued his misdeeds. This gentleman has loved ones that were also impacted during this event. Why should the judge give the perpetrator leniency? My advice to the wife.."Suck it up buttercup!!".

  41. Pete Nicely says:

    Njabuliso, Steve Biko is one of my favorites and he said "The most potent weapon in the hands oppressor is the mind of the oppressed" I live by the quote and it is posted on my office door where I work!

  42. Should've been sentenced to LIFE!

  43. Elizabeth Chubbuck fuck that broad and her attempted white privilege cry baby speech. That broad knows her husband BROKE the law and she thinks because he was white and her husband it's ok? Naw.. They shoulda gave him 15 years and she never shoulda been able to speak to begin with.

  44. Cry Freedom, Steven Biko story…one o my favorites

  45. Rick Banks says:

    I couldn't have said it better!

  46. Jessie Hunt says:

    F………….. him

  47. Glenyon Guy says:

    Elizabeth Chubbuck Broad or chic sounds much better than her being described as a mother.A real mother would have relaized that for her to say such, made her stand out as much a bigot as he did….

  48. The wife thought she would have that white privilege.

  49. Patti Kapcar says:

    No he ruined someone's life. He should pay for that

  50. Elizabeth Chubbuck switch rolls if the black guy beat up the white guy and the black guy said i got three kid and the need me they're laughed right into the jail cell, judge would're said don't bring me that crap, what make her special

  51. Elizabeth Chubbuck what about it is SPAM exactly??

  52. Elizabeth Chubbuck Maybe if the wife had stated that she was ashamed of what her husband had done to their family AND Mr. Jeter and maybe had some sympathy for him (Jeter) then I could be more understanding but as usual she was thinking about herself and her own family. White privilege and white sympathy is what she was attempting to use but it didn't work. She should not even want to be married to a person like this. The respect for him as her husband should have gone out the door the moment she saw proof of who he really is on the job but I'm sure she already knows the type of trash she's married to. She was begging for leniency because she's ok with the monster she married!

  53. Kim Ackridge says:

    Sorry about the typo, passed

  54. Anne Foster says:

    The police officer wasn't thinking of his family first when he was choosing to do wrong. He's not "gone" as his wife says; he is incarcerated because he has been convicted of breaking the law. He already made his choice, and sadly now there is a negative effect on innocent children. Maybe this case will prompt others to think twice before engaging in such behavior.

  55. It's always amazing to me how people can do some of the most ruthless and evil things to people, unapologetically, then expect someone else to show mercy on them when they get caught! Had it not been for the dash cam, would this good upstanding officer have turned himself in? I guess we'll never know!

  56. Tracey Smith says:

    No, she is not "just as much of a victim". Sorry. That CHICK needs to have a seat and figure out what she's going to do about her situation now that her husband is going to prison.

  57. Five years not enough!

  58. Did they give leniency to the guy they arrested??? Does the guy have kids???

  59. 5 year's were too lenient for that racist bastard and his privileged white family!! Shit this country was founded upon racism, murder, rape and theft by white people!! Their karma will be their destruction and my people will rejoice!!!

  60. Sorry wifey but the America Justice system suppose to say if you do the crime, you do the time, no matter if you're married or have kids. Should have thought about that before you committed the crooked crime.

  61. Hell to the no give him the max sentence trash plain and simple and to bad for your wife and kids she better learn how to be a good pen pal.

  62. Lydia Howell Trust me I do, every single day, and report to facebook

  63. This was not his first time doing this.

  64. Elizabeth Chubbuck he can get pregnant in prison and have another half African child for her

  65. In Dothan, Alabama there was about 25 officer's who just discover in framing Black men for over 20 year's. They are trying to keep it on the low.

  66. Cesar Gomez says:

    Courter was sentenced to five years without parole…..HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA ………..NEXT!!!!

  67. Sorry, I have no concerns nor tears for this woman, her kids or her dirty, lowdown gutter husband. No matter how poorly we are treated, we are always expected to take the high road, be "better" than those who target us to abuse their power, and pray for, and forgive them. Constantly turning the other cheek (and continuously slapped) is nothing short of mental illness.

  68. Yeah i just bet you do want these post to stop,elizabeth, then they won,t be exposed,these sites are the best thing going,no more hideing with their dirt,that they inflick on black people,black lives matter to.

  69. Wayne Lewis says:


  70. Elizabeth Chubbuck why? What's bothering you?

  71. Joseph Coons says:

    Any wrong that man does to another man hurts all men.Back or white or yellow or red or any other color.

  72. Eric Minor says:

    He still got off easy….only 5 years for their low down deceitful acts.

  73. Elizabeth Chubbuck a victim….LOL

  74. Racquel Curtis The truth. They don't like that.

  75. Racquel Curtis , Elizabeth is referring to a Spam post that the person she mentioned posted

  76. Elizabeth Chubbuck I won't call her broador chic, but if she is a true victim, she wouldn't be enabling her husband. She had absolutely no regard for the other mans life, no matter what she says, her actions prove otherwise.

  77. Lisa A Trass says:

    Elizabeth Chubbuck she is NOT a victim, the man he lied on is a victim. nobody gave a damn about his children, so why should we care about his. Ps, I could have call her something else, but I was nice

  78. Elizabeth Chubbuck don't worry about what they're saying to you. It shows that you have a heart and care about all the innocent people involved in this. There is no compassion anymore! To blame his wife and kids for his actions makes no sense. Would any of you here not ask for compassion for a loved one if they found themselves in trouble?!?! I can probably say without doubt that the majority of you saying "who care about his wife and kids" call yourselves good Christians. Every person saying that are no different then these two cops! No compassion or caring for anyone but themselves! To call this poor woman a bad person for asking for compassion for her husband and it was probably more for her kids wellbeing is heartless and cruel!

  79. Regina Smith says:

    Elizabeth Chubbuck f! Her and the kids, that's exactly what her husband did when he did his dirty deeds!!!!

  80. Tracey Smith says:

    I stand with the rest who say she doesn't care about the trauma her deadbeat husband caused. I don't have to put words in her mouth. The fact that she even had the nerve to ask for "leniency" is proof of her apathy towards the victim and the victim's family. Had that been my husband, I would have just had to come to terms with the fact that he was going to have to pay (and should pay) dearly for his actions. As someone mentioned, had she even apologized to the family and showed some type of empathy, perhaps she wouldn't be viewed in such a negative light.

  81. But they take a black man away from his kids without hesitation. Child please… Go somewhere else with that.

  82. Pete Nicely says:

    Sean, the only ones that are totally innocent are the kids. I have no doubt that she knew of his abuse of his authority and yet she choose to remain with him, so I have no compassion for her whatsoever. On the other hand I do have compassion for the kids since they have no choice as to who their parents are!

  83. he should have gotten the time that the black man would have recieved black cops plant shit to and stay quiet when white police lie its always about there gang in chicago cops are the biggest gang out there one fact everyone of there gang got and carry guns

  84. Pete Nicely Therefore free your mind and you will be a free man. Black consciousness is a MUST not only as an ideology but as a way of life. its a way of life we have to inculcate in the minds of sons and daughters or History will judge us harshly should we fail.

  85. She was banking on her white priviledge. He should answer for his actions.

  86. Pharoah Ali says:

    It's not his fault he was raised in a racist society A Society where the black guy is the bad and the White guy is good .

  87. Andre Myrtil says:

    Hopes he gets gang raped everyday of those five years by AIDS infested homosexuals.

  88. Elizabeth Chubbuck she didn't have to say those words specifically. Her actions implied them.

  89. This isn't the fault of his children! I feel sorry for his wife and children! I also feel bad for the people that have been affected by this scumbags actions! That's the really problem, that we've all lost our compassion! I'm not saying he should get less time because he has a family. If anything he's a public servant and should be heald to a higher standard. He violated the public trust and should get more time for that!! But to say who cares about his wife and kids because of the wives and kids he hurt is just pure heartless!!

  90. He is a criminal ,he has likely been that way for his whole life ,now he resides in the house of criminals ,he has found his home.

  91. He has been doing these things his whole life ,and its not just an accident that the police can and do these things ,the people that employ these thugs are looking for a certain kind of a person someone they can relate to ,yes someone like themselves……….

  92. Jered Knox says:

    I deleted the spam post.

  93. Liz and lydia or should i say jiz, and clamidia ?, U two cunts are pathetic and want to turn a deaf ear and eyesight to an awful truth ? You are the vile scum who would put an innocent man on death row ?, knowing the truth !.. disgusting

  94. Darren Hanna says:

    You are one smart dude! This is a great way to think!

  95. should thought about before you did what you did

  96. Sean Macdowell you sound like a complete idiot. You're just the same as the cop and his wife. You totally omitted Mr jeter the victim and his family. I say to hell with your ideals and behaviors.

  97. Great jail the Devil.
    She just have to tell her children that their father is a racist who destroy a innocent man life.
    So he deserve to be behind bar.
    And explain to them that there are lots of innocent people in prison because of people like their father.

  98. Sean Macdowell you sound super naive. A person can't live with a person like him and have that many kids by him and not know who and what he is. If you know your history you'll know that you're not regarded much higher than black people. It could have been you.

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