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Student’s Afro Puffs Draws Unwanted Attention, Criticism from School Principal

_88318515_12631566_10156596855705220_8958788548077021110_nTayjha Deleveaux is a student at the CR Walker Senior High School in the Bahamas. Earlier this month, she went to school with an “Afro puff” that made administrators threaten punishment if she did not “clean” up her “untidy” hairstyle.

According to principal T. Nicola McKay, she was trying to clamp down on students wearing their hair in a way that “looks like it would not have been combed for days.”

The school system responded to the incident in a Facebook post:

“We are fully cognizant of the sensitivity of this matter and are confident that after review with the school administrator, the school board and the individuals involved, the matter will be amicably resolved.”

Many have taken the side of the school and have stated that the school’s dress code prohibits natural hairstyles. Many believe the school system is extremely strict about students appearance. Tayjha’s mother wrote a Facebook post in support of her daughter and to repudiate the school.

Tayjha Deleveaux

Grade 11 Student Council Representative

Key Club Sergeant at Arms

Junior Achievers Assistant VP of Finance (NIB Company)

Teachers Cadets member

7 BJCs

First Class Pass in Pitman bookkeeping and accounts exams.

Recommended to sit her Accounts exam in 11th grade because she is a straight A student!


Never received a parent teacher conference until now and for her NATURAL BEAUTIFUL KINKY HAIR that God blessed her with!

I will not be silenced! Someone has to stand up and let these people know that this foolishness has to end!

If no one else has the balls I certainly do!

If they don’t wanna listen to me the WORLD will know one way or the other!

The high school student’s story resonated with others on the Net, and just like that #supportthepuff and #isupportthepuff hashtags were born.


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5 thoughts on “Student’s Afro Puffs Draws Unwanted Attention, Criticism from School Principal

  1. Lena Davis says:

    I support the puff, because it is what naturally grows out our heads. The Eurocentric concept of beauty is destroying the world: Asians cutting their eyes; black women risking fibroids through relaxers to achieve this standard of beauty. Stop the madness Black people and love what your Creator gave you: DO YOU! There is beauty in all naturally; those who refuse to accept your authentic self in preference to a false standard of beauty are just plain ignorant. I'm not saying those who choose to process, add extensions, wear wigs and etc are ignorant; I'm saying those who believe the only standard of beauty is Eurocentric are ignorant.

  2. I agree. What is going on in this world regarding African people, is because we allow it to happen to us. This stuff about whites wanting to touch African people's hair, there is something very serious about their behavior. For one our hair has life unlike theirs, our hair will move, it has a Godly substance called melanin, it is a Godly substance, it help whites they have it in most prescription drugs, it is more powerful than neuclear energy, it cannot destroy melanin, google Japan neuclear energy fallout, and melanain, the only thing plants that grew back had melanin in them. Scientist are talking about using melanin to help clean up neuclear waste.

    Please folks love your African selves. Everything, your color, your magnificant black kinky hair and skin. Anyone who tells you otherwise, stand up for yourself. Who told the world in the words of our great (love his blackness) Malcoln X, he said, :Who told you your kinky hair is ugly, who told you you beautiful skin was bad, who told you your beautiful full lips are ugly? The ones who have held you as a slave, and wish to show the world they are the superior ones, the biggest lie ever told in the world. The creator is the most perfect, you think we are a creation mistake? Many African people believe this nonsense put out by racist to control us.

  3. The madness concerning our hair has to stop. No more jumping through the hair acceptance hoop. What next, demanding darker hued women bleach, or full featured women have surgery? No More! Enough is Enough.

  4. I still do not understand in today's day and time that a school could have a policy against Black girls wearing their natural hair. It sounds so very ridiculous to me. I hope her family sues the heck out of them!

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