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13 thoughts on “Black Woman Fires Back at Bernie Sanders’ Universalist Approach to Improving Inequality: ‘I Know You’re Scared to Say Black’

  1. Tracy Smith says:

    I notice the sound cut out .

  2. We have got to stop this, the government doesn't have anything to give away unless they take it from another man's wallet first. We can talk about reparations, that is fine but, the black community has got to stop waiting on "UNCLE SAM" to do for us. I thought we would know better now, especially since President Obama hardly done anything for the black during his presidency thus far.

  3. Terry Purdue says:

    I'm sorry bout why aren't they doing this to Clinton? Are we going to confront her on her legacy through her husband's Tough on Crime policies?

    Sanders gets it. Leave him alone, he is addressing it!

  4. Robb Wilson says:

    Any Uncle Toms out there swallowing the Clinton kool-aid with a coon-faced smile can come see me at my house if they need to have some fucking sense beaten into them. Come see me, fam. I'd be glad to do it.

  5. Terry Purdue says:

    Damon Hastings True, but I would like to see them confront her in this way, but it seems to me that one must roll out the red carpet for her if they want her to appear.

  6. I think people do confront Clinton on this. At least, I've seen a lot of articles about it, many of them written by Black people.

  7. Yes but still a check needs to be cut

  8. Christopher Jacobs The Jews and Japanesse received reparations, why not the Black Man/Woman?

  9. Hillary has always been for equal rights, can't say the same for Bernie.

  10. Am telling you these black lives matter people are blind, you can't vote for someone just because she represents what president Obama left off with, what did he really do for black people anyway, nothing Sanders is saying is imposible America is realy behind time they need to catch up with the rest of the world do the math do the research, am not even from the states I am black and I can see whats going on don't let the media fool your minds, and look at who's really there to fight for the people.

  11. Thomas H Bone You don't know Bernie, check out his Civil Rights record, Hilliary cannot touch. We will not debate their recor, the facts speaks loud enough, check it for yourself. See what she and Bill Clinton did to poor children when he was president. Tell us what did she do regarding equal rights, look at the Crime Bill and see how she lobbied for targeting African men created a hugh increase in the prison population of black men.

  12. Kirk Welch says:

    Fuck off spammer. Flagged.

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