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Outrage Grows After Ohio Cop Made Fun of #BlackLivesMatter Activist’s Suicide

WHIO Screenshot

WHIO Screenshot


Monday, Black Lives Matter activist MarShawn McCarrel II took his own life in front of the Ohio Statehouse. Two days after the young man’s death, Fairborn, Ohio police officer Lee Cyr made controversial comments celebrating McCarrel’s suicide.

The comment, which read “Love a happy ending,” was made on the Ohio Politics Facebook page that shared a link to a story about the Black Lives Matter activist.

As of today, Cyr is being put on paid administrative leave after the alleged comments, WHIO reports.

Immediately, the Fairburn Police Department released these statements:

“When we were made aware of a Facebook post that was linked to a Fairborn police officer, an internal-affairs complaint was initiated,” Fairborn Police Chief Terry Barlow acknowledged.

“The department will be investigating further into the origin of the media post,” the release read. “The department takes these types of issues very seriously and will ensure that the professional standards of the department are upheld.”

Cyr’s comment was only one of a few distasteful and outright hateful comments on the post which included “One less to worry about” and “One down, many more to go.”

Twitter and Facebook users were shocked that Cyr still had a job after the comment.

Facebook user Waylynn Giva Pitts says:

“It’s a shame how racist this country is, but want to get all up in their feelings when we embrace us! Hell racist white people been expressing their hatred for years!!! These are people that are supposed to protect and serve us, yet he rejoiced when a ‪#‎blacklivesmatters‬ activist committed suicide…”

Derek Reynolds on Facebook writes:

“He broke police policy, he should b FIRED! We don’t need police with these views patrolling our streets. He’s prejudice & obviously takes offense 2 the Black Lives Matter movements so BLACK PEOPLE AREN’T SAFE as long as he still has a badge. DON’T STAND FOR THIS FAIRBORN, OHIO, or u might look n your rear view mirror & see LEE CYR pulling u over”

Many people on Twitter had the same sentiments.

Thus far the comments have been removed from Facebook.

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