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10 thoughts on “Anti-Beyoncé Protest Planned as White Fury Continues to Erupt over Unapologetic Blackness in Her Super Bowl Show

  1. N Cory Gable says:

    in case you spooks hadnt noticed it backfired terribly and any white fans she had are gone .Way to bite the hand that feeds you, cunt.

  2. I love Queen Be!!!!! Don't back down B!

  3. Lorry Abel says:

    it is NOT 'white fury'. it is bigot's fury. your poisonous speech just makes you seem as bigoted as your opponents.

  4. Mya Childs says:

    Way to bite the hand that feeds you? Fuck off ignorant ass cracker .She has a right to empower her people fuck fans when black people are being killed by cowardly ass police and the joke I mean judicial system isn't doing shit about it. Kill yourself !

  5. Mya Childs says:

    Mussa Khan kill yourself too!

  6. Poor oprressed white people

  7. Awwww poor oppressed white people!

  8. How is this performance anti-police?. The police are the ones guilty of killing Black Panthers. Ever heard of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark?

  9. Hahaha, Bey Fuking wid the Palefaces minds…….got them talking bout they don't like the way she dissed them!

  10. It is all about them.

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