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33 thoughts on “Fox News Guest Calls Black Voters Offensive Names While the Panel Eats it All Up

  1. Jovon Towns says:

    She makes valid points. To vote for someone without critical thinking is very lazy and idiotic. Just assuming someone has your best interest because they are BLACK or because they are Democratic, is just sheepish.

  2. Frank Butler says:

    They find anyone they can dig up and present them to their conservative white (racist) viewers to color validate the racist beliefs they have…. because if a black person believes racism isn't a big deal (or says so), then that must be true…. even though she's only one person and it's a ridiculous premise.

  3. This woman is offensive to herself, she's denigrating her fellow Black person to earn a living. I'd have more respect for her if she was a street walking prostitue. What a sad, unfortunate woman.

  4. Jovon Towns says:

    brilliant retort…

  5. Malia Simone says:

    She's very ignorant for insulting black americans for not voting. Assuming they're too lazy to research candidates or they don't know which candidate has their best interests in mind. Everyone agrees not voting doesn't help. But only black americans know who has their best interests at heart. Not this confused woman. How are you gonna black americans lazy? Did you bump your head and now all you see is white skin int he mirror. She need to get her head out the clouds. You can turn your back on your people all you want. Still won't make your skin turn white. With #Blacklivesmatter issue circulating we need to feel secure about which candidate isn't going to shrugg of these issues. The problem is no white candidate is going to risk giving all their focus and attention to black voters. Because they don't want to lose the white voters. That is their priority. And until black voters feel like they're a priority as well and their votes are not being used just to win an election. You will see more feedback from them.

  6. Frank Butler says:

    Her points are superficial. You can say that any white person voting for any party, especially Republicans who work against your financial interests often, is also ill-informed. Nobody is calling them slaves, though.

  7. Jovon Towns says:

    so she's UNEDUCATED because she's saying that BLACKS are not challenging traditional beliefs? naw… I don't think that's the definition of IGNORANT. I'm black and love being black, I'm certainly not trying to behave in a white accepting manner or hoping that if I wake up I'll be a white dude… *yuck* I have no idea how that got translated from anything I've said. But, most importantly it's no secret, a mass majority of BLACK Americans have no fucking clue about what they are voting for or why they are even worshipping Christ. They just do socially accepting norms because MOST people they know are. Yes it's elites among the race that challenge norms and speak out on behalf of the community, but the overwhelming majority of our people find allot of things involving critical thinking, history, education or politics…EXTREMELY BORING. We always wanna ATTACK someone for confronting us about CHANGING our ways, because it's just easier to continue to argue for others to change instead. We have damaged and rocky foundation and that's only something that we can fix, and it's going to take effort, knowledge and wealth. This country is OKAY with being racist and we aren't going to change them through constant bitching.

  8. That CUNT is getting paid by Faux News to say that bull shit. I wish I would catch that cunt bitch in public.

  9. Vick McLean says:

    I dont like her the way she speaks about black people. I dont understand why she claims to be black either. The blacklivesmatter movement is probably the most intelligent movement that we have today and they are very critical of policy and the candidates so I dont get her point about we all are stupid shes crazy

  10. Richard Hill says:

    Aunt Jemina with a weave instead of a headrag

  11. That's one book I won't be buying and will somebody please feed this idiot some superglue so that she can STFU forever… Please.

  12. She is full of s**t….!!! Who is she??? never heard of her before, hope I never head of her again.

  13. Jovon Towns Do you understand that what she's saying is: every Black person that votes for a Dem. hasn't thought about it, and that means even if you have your stupid because you didn't vote Rep.? When you make statements like that they're designed to play off the the stereotype that Black ppl are incapable of doing anything but following the crowd of no thinking illiterates. But, says nothing to the white folk that follow Trump with no idea of how his business mind (self-serving and profit driven) will translate to serving we the ppl. Just ask me, a Michigander whose current governor has used business protocol to poison a whole city!


  15. Jovon Towns says:

    Christopher Johnson Firstly, she never used "EVERY". That is OVERWHELMING naive to assume she is speaking inclusively about every single AFRICAN AMERICAN, especially when she identitifies herself as being black. It's very difficult to speak with people that doesn't understand that stereotypes are often built and supported by consistent little truths. I'm certainly not interested in voting for any racist politicians, which usually are in the Republican Party, but I'm not going to be a lazy idiot that trust anything that the Democrats say also. The Democratic Party is infested with racist. They need to change the name of the Presidential House also, because we all are aware of what "WHITE HOUSE" is referencing. I said she makes VALID point's…. I'm not agreeing with her. I can just relate to her perspective, because of my point-of-view from my community. Most African Americans in my commmunity don't care about anything but what's directly affecting them. They can't relate to politics and I completely get that it's because when your poor, WORRYING about how to pay for your next meal, utlities and a home, takes presidence. But they often don't CARE about anything but looking cool, sex and drugs. Yes I hate when people go NATIONALLY speaking on behalf of the BLACK COMMUNITY this way, but we really need to have an intervention in our communities, but sadly they just dont care to listen, it's like all the effort has been sucked completely out of the majority of us.

  16. If Republicans are so for us, why want they do something so simplementation as making voting for blacks a permanent thing. Why is it it has to be renewed every so often. Why are they trying so hard to keep us from voting by closing some polling places,readjusting districts so they are elected, or shortening the days to vore.

  17. Frank Butler says:

    Jovon Towns I don't know that a mass majority of black people who vote don't know what they are voting about. I think those who don't vote probably don't vote because they don't know what's going on or don't feel like the process ever works (and they would be right). Those who do vote, however, it's arguable that the mass majority of them doesn't know.

    As far as religion goes, you get out of it what you want. Obviously, black people were taught to do it by whites, and I agree that blacks hold onto it for no real reason other than tradition and thinking it makes a difference in their life, similar to a placebo. If it makes someone who is more likely to hurt themselves or others act right, then fine, but for all the religious people who exist in this country, they certainly don't mind murdering or killing others – and I mean across any race, that's the case.

    As far as constant b-tching, there's nothing to do but that unless you care about violent revolution. Because racists don't change, clearly. You can be academic about it, you can have facts, you can protest and present arguments, but they still killed MLK. We get that. I'm not sure what else you really think should be done here.

    This lady going on Fox News and saying this crap to openly racist people certainly doesn't help. We shouldn't have to beg from Democrats and we shouldn't have to put up with the mighty bigotted Republicans who would rather the police kill us than repair a broken system. Working through political systems is what we're told to do, like religion, and like voting… but those are controls. What should be done is ownership of land and resources. It's hard to do when you don't have a lot of money and when you don't own enough assets to buy such things, as a group. Those who have the means often side with white elites and don't care about black prosperity overall.

    Not sure what else you're getting at.

  18. Jovon Towns You realize you just described every AMERICAN regardless of race? That's the point that people are trying to get you too see about this vicious and vile woman. She took something indiciative of the whole and made it about race. There are more White Republicans in the South then there are African American's in the entire country and they all seemingly vote against their own self interest. No one says they have a "Slavish" adorance of the Repubs or that they are incapable of vetting a political party.

    What most erudite Blacks of today are learning is that neither party has their interest at heart! So, if she is pushing one party over the over she is as big a problem as any Dem.

  19. Tumelo Ayo says:

    Interesting how she refers to black people as "they"; as if she's not a woman of color herself. Fox goes out of their way just to get us worked up and I'm not falling for this one.

  20. Sounds like a whole lot of self-hate going on. She keeps speaking of "blacks" as if they are a whole other breed of humans. Sad…

  21. Paula Latham says:

    Jovon Towns sankofa…. most of us only go by what has been taught on any given situation. and or not well rounded on thinking things out side of that . ….. no further than the nose. any thig out side of what has been scrub into the brain is ole school.. or they don't know and afraid to step out. not thining for sel. i don't like to vote but i also know three are some chances i don't want to take… so i vote foe the lessor of the two evils. i have my reasons for not liking to vote. but just incase my vote really does count or get counted … i will have done the right thing any way. ithey are alll bad for the most part and we the people are but mere pones for the wealthy game. one size does not fit all but i have lived long enough to know i shold do. understanding is everything.

  22. To debunk her Hucklebucking,Bojangling Antics, there's a huge number of us who vote Independent and Republican, A lot of us Questioned Pres. Obama policies, She's using Caucasian Talking points so she can Peddle her book, Another Cutthroat who when time allows throws our people under the bus for the same criminals who benefit from the system their ancestors built.

  23. Jovon Towns says:

    Love reading everyones comments. You guys have great perspectives. Thank you

  24. L Tina Wink says:

    I would NEVER purchase, Crystal Wrights's book, nor do I agree with the anti-Black crap, that she speaks about on Fox News. I don't like, Hillary Clinton, and have no intentions of voting for her. I, also, don't like any of the Republcan candidates running for President, because they don't support my issues. Republicans, are one of the causes of the poisoning of the water in Flint, Michigan. Also, Republicans are the hold-up in Pennsylvania, for the state not having a budget for their schools. Conservative Republicans, are out-of- touch, with the working-class, Black community. That's why, Blacks, don't support the Republican Party. Stacey Dash and Crystal Wright, are living in another world. Neither, speaks for the Black community, and if the Republican Party really wants to recruit Blacks to their party, then your candidates need to come into urban areas, and speak to the people. Stop, using fakes, who you pay to say racist and demeaning stuff about their race, like Stacey and Crystal, who have no real creditibility with the Black community, as spokespeople for the Black community.

  25. It's not hard now to see America in the right vien, White supremacist poisoned, a place where those in power do nothing, and our schools teach and promote a fixed history where one race is made to be privileged, at the exspense of everyone else, and if you don't believe that take a look at the 1% wealthy do you really think that they all got it fairly?, the 1% came from decades of white privilege living and that white privilege is still here so, the answer for black people is spend more with each other and what ever we create for our self that's good and keep it and pass it to our families, relatives, and other black people that want something good for black people and find a way to make a better America and work with them that is not poisoned by white supremacy but, take care of your own first…

  26. This is one stupid Individual. This is how we are still behind educated or not, they use people like her to bring down our people. How many other different races do you see doing what you just saw? She is the Uncle Tom. We will never learn. Wake up people!!

  27. Vee Murphy says:

    I will agree with part of your statement. Black were conditioned to vote one party however as i grew up and became more observant in the polictical process I vote for whom I feel would make the best candiate and I teach My Children who are all grown now the same thing not for a party but person and how he would help the Black Cause

  28. Renae Wilson says:

    She is referring to the group of black people that vote Democrat because they are black and believe the Democrats are the party of black people. 25 years ago I was one of those people. Today when I talk to friends/coworkers about why they vote for Democrats only. More often then not the response is "What are the Republicans going to do for me?" Not an answer. Or I'm a liberal. Only a vague answer.

  29. Lisa Slade says:

    Why is this Chick speaking rhetoric with Nooooo Emperical Evidence to support her sterotypical generalizations of Black people…. Bye Feleciaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Go do a step with your sorority sister Stacy Dash!

  30. Leza Tucker says:

    This mixed child was definitely raised with her white side of her family. Need i say anything else!

  31. Earl Edwards says:

    If she were drowing I would enhance the water flow…..

  32. Lori Holt says:

    think she is mentally ill.

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