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Three Black UAlbany Students Attacked on City Bus In A Racially Motivated Assault

ualbany-7-26-2013-38-1200xx3348-1884-0-307Officials in Albany are investigating after three Black female college students reported that a group of white men and women assaulted and racially harassed them aboard a city bus.

The three students, who are Black women, were harassed and assaulted while riding on the #11 CDTA bus on Western Ave in Albany. The students stated that racial slurs were used by the perpetrators, whom they described as a group of 10 to 12 white males and females.

A physical altercation ensued in which one victim stated that multiple men and women began to punch her on the head and kicking her after she fell to the ground.

Two of the victims went to Albany Medical Center to be evaluated and treated.

Later that night a victim of the attack took to social media to recount the racist events:

Many students and activists began to criticize the lack of administrative response and police transparency.

UAlbany’s president, Robert J. Jones, issued a statement which read in part:

I call upon all members of the University at Albany to unite. We must show the world that we stand for inclusiveness and stand against bias, violence and hatred.

Our annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebration will be held on the evening of Monday, Feb. 1. As we reflect on the principles and values that Dr. King stood for, let us come together in solidarity to reaffirm our values.

Now is the time to recommit to our principles of inclusivity and diversity and send a strong message that we will not tolerate bias, hatred and violence in our University.

A rally is planned in response to the events for Monday at 5:30 on the campus of University at Albany.

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44 thoughts on “Three Black UAlbany Students Attacked on City Bus In A Racially Motivated Assault

  1. I laughed out loud at the schools response. Pull out the ol' MLK everytime 😀

  2. Jamor James says:

    White amerikkka supports the actions of those racist

  3. Raxton Sfek says:

    I don't mean to be negative, but this is an article about allegations not evidence. Can we wait for proof before we cast blame?

  4. Same here, cause every city bus I been in, thru out the US has cameras. This should easily be put at rest by looking at the city bus footage.

  5. Can we have a description of these white thugs


  7. I wonder how many other articles on assault you comment on to question the honesty of the victims.

  8. Marcy Bauman says:

    Oh, the racial slurs were just icing on the cake? Or: you can't trust the people who were attacked to know? Or: they deserved it? What exactly do you mean, Italyia?

  9. Michelle Gray Cause hospital records say "this 9inch gash was made by a white female standing approximately at 5 feet 4 on a albany, new york city bus at 4pm" …no what the record says is they got into a alteration and the victims suffer what ever lacerations.

  10. Bailey Eva says:

    Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?! Three WOMEN were beaten by a group of MEN. These DOGS were shouting racial slurs at them and NO ONE helped them. You're a disgusting piece of shit if you dont believe it was racially motivated. Fuck you.

  11. Woah there. That is an extreme leap. Racially motivated crime is not the same as racial slurs. Racial slurs is freedom of speech, used in a fashion to degrad an aspect of character/traits which can be stirred up simply from a incident occuring without regard to race. Whereas, racially motivated crime is a bias & intentional harm directly inflicted due to racial differences. No, the victim did not in anyway deserve that. As students, there should have been a better response. None of it was right & those involved should be penalized. However, it places a cap in our society when a situation occurs that involves people of different races & we assume, without evidence, that the harm was a result of racial bias.

  12. Glenn Davis says:

    Yes, you do mean to sound negative. That's always the response when something shows up that people of color are attacked. You always want evidence, like you don't believe such a thing can happen. If these were 3 white women, the word evidence wouldn't come up.

  13. Toni Scott says:

    There is video recorded by that bus company, to capture all activity for the safety of drivers and riders. Police authorities can request the video to confirm the identities of the attackers. Not rocket science.

  14. Raxton Sfek says:

    Glenn Davis of course it would!

  15. Raxton Sfek says:

    People of color have been treated horribly for hundreds of years, of course it can happen, and I can 100% believe it can happen. It does happen every day! But typically I wait for some kind of evidence, photo, video, even testimony from a bystander, before I believe one side or the other. I would feel the exact same way if a white man accused a person of color of a crime. I happen to be a little suprised that there isnt already photo/video evidence. Usually that is the first thing you see. But it's not about me, you don't know me, and I don't really care what you think. I'm just an internet commenter.

  16. So I assume if this had been in reverse it would have been a real issue, correct? This makes no sense that this BS is still going on but no one saw anything though. But you know before they make accusations there isn't any proof they just made it up GTFOH

  17. Marcy Bauman says:

    Point taken. We don't know what started the altercation. The response was certainly racist, though. There are a huge number of epithets available, but the attackers chose racially-based ones. (They could have called the victims c*nts, which would have been sexism.)

  18. Italyia Circelli Are you that damn stupid? Those DEVILS attacked those girl with RACIAL SLURS, then physically attacked those girls!!!

  19. Kendall Charles Too bad it has nothing to do with my level of knowledge or your opinion .. just evidence of what can be proven ..

  20. Are these blacks raciss?

    Black males aged 15-34 are only 3% of the total US population.
    According to 2012 FBI crime statistics, this 3% is responsible for:
    54.9% of all Robbery
    49.4% of all Murders
    34.1% of all Aggravated Assaults
    32.5% of Forcible Rapes

  21. There are lots of ways to find the truth. For example,Big Mike's DNA INSIDE the police car — totally supporing the officer's version.

    But millions of blacks will go to their graves believing Hands Up Don't Shoot actually happend. It didn't. Look up Eric Holder's report.

  22. Keri-an Kelley how have you had that problem

  23. Jackie Frost says:

    Courtney Cohen you have a short memory. Remember the racial social media hoax? Hands up don't shoot? Why do we have to believe things before the whole story is told? I guess we should have just believed the cop that shot laquon McDonald too? See, look past your racism and let people have a different view

  24. Jackie Frost says:

    Glenn Davis the people who believed hands up don't shoot and the social media threat hoax don't, but I do

  25. It would not surprise me if this was ANOTHER total made up lie.

    90% of "racist" attacks on campus are false flag operations. Got it?

  26. Courtney Cohen

    How about the noose hung on the tree — by blacks on Campus? How about the lies about the Duke LaCrosse team?

    90% of alleged racist attacks on campus are FALSE Flage operations. A hallmark of commies and BLM.

  27. Raxton Sfek

    Wow are you brainwashed. Millions of blacks are treated with courtesy every day in this country. Their stanard of living is above that of any blacks anywhere in the world. Yet they are also responsible for rivers of blood…

    Black males aged 15-34 are only 3% of the total US population.
    According to 2012 FBI crime statistics, this 3% is responsible for:
    54.9% of all Robbery
    49.4% of all Murders
    34.1% of all Aggravated Assaults
    32.5% of Forcible Rapes

  28. Whitey acting Black it sounds like,, beat on you and everybody just videoed it = Yep that be acting Black. Suprised it was not at McDonalds

  29. They have just released the video and it shows a very different story than what the black girls claim. It appears that the girls were not the victims but the perpetrators of the crimes. Haven't people learned that you can advance a cause if you're going to lie about things like this? It takes away the credibility of them and of future claims of racial violence.

  30. Kendall Charles The video that was just released shows a very different story. The girls don't appear to be the victims but the perpetrators. What do you think about that? Are you as outraged that they were attacking innocent white people as you are about their claims of being attacked?

  31. According to the video, an attack did happen but it wasn't the white people who were doing it. The black girls started attacking the white people on the bus. The truth always comes out in the end. Just like it did with Tawana Brawley and all the other fake claims of racial violence.

  32. Except it didn't happen the video evidence is now showing. Are you going to report tha on your radio show or are you going to keep up a lie?

  33. When will black people stop being so disgusting. White flight is a reality because of these ratchet hood rats

  34. Glenn Davis Or so maybe that we can know who these klan leaders are so we can defend ourselves from these savages.

  35. Still not updating this story yet, after the video footage is out please go share that and make a statement about how these broads are acting.

  36. Courtney Cohen Im guessing you still havent viewed the actual footage of teh bus have you.

  37. by racists you mean the 3 black broads on the bus trying to beat up white kids and throwing racial slurs towards them right?

  38. John Salome says:

    Those city buses have at least 4 cameras,I hope the city of Albany shows all 4 fils to see what really happened. The lawyers from both sides should recuest all of them.Anything is possible today.It may be true it may be false. If they don't show all those films,then it's true,but they may not show them all to avoid riots in Albany.


  40. Hernan Dayoleary They lied about the attack.

  41. Cyndee Strahn-Durant There is no evidence to support that, I've seen the tapes released to the public, but we need the full tapes, not the partial ones.

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