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7 thoughts on “Russell Simmons Holds No Punches on What Should Be Done About Gov. Snyder’s Role in the Flint Water Crisis

  1. Jan Holmes says:

    Don'ty hold back Russell…..This cave beast should be slaughter with his testicle shuve down his damn throat

  2. Cindy Lewis says:

    Ignorant comments…he doesn't have a clue…

  3. The only way the Citizens of Flint, the Citizens of Michigan, are going to see a hint, of a shadow of Justice in the Flint Water Crisis is that if a Whistle Blower comes forward to reveal the conspiracy behind this attack on Flint's infrastructure. That Actionable Intelligence will have to be paid for with a LARGE cash REWARD, Immunity from Federal Prosecution, and probably Witness Protection. Please contact those Patrons and Celebrities who have been donating HEAVY CASH to pool together on a Whistle Blower Reward. Sniff, sniff I think I smell me a snitchy Rat!

  4. Eddy Senay No, no, there will be none of that. For all the right reasons, and because of this

  5. Eddy Senay says:

    He is right on point! Snyder belong in jail

  6. Eddy Senay says:

    Or they could just apply their own form of justice.

  7. City Cuncil Black Democrat majority, Mayors white Democrat male and Black Democrat woman, City manager democrat, Water department Head Democrat, Plan to change supply by Democrats, when ciitizens went to city Council with water comp[laints – Democrats, EPA person appointed by Obama – Democrat, person appointed by Gov to administer the City bankrupted by Democrats is a Black Liberal Democrat, people in Detroit that cut the water off early – Democrats – seems to be a fantasy of ignorance going on about the entire matter .

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