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20 thoughts on “Chris Rock’s Brother: ‘I Don’t Understand Why Black People Feel This Undying Need to Be Down with White People All the Time’

  1. yes, have our own black oscars … if that's even necessary

  2. marcus garvey, elijah muhammad and malcolm x has always said that black people must do for themselves instead of begging the white man for him to do things for us.

  3. it's not rocket science

  4. JF Williams says:

    We already have those. The NAACP awards, SoulTrain Music Awards, and others. The problem is black folks never concretely accepted those award shows as their own cultural award shows.

    We still see our own creations as "less than" what white folks created. And I don't see that programming dissipating anytime soon.

  5. Da Ly says:

    we shouldnt even call it Oscars if we gon do our own.

  6. Da Ly says:

    he looks better than his brother lol

  7. According to Rolan Martin, it's not about being accepted by Whites. It's about jobs in the industry. Behind the scenes jobs. Apparently when someone wins an Oscar, those who are associated with that product get recognized as well. Maybe not publicly, but there is a relationship. The Oscars status apparently carries with it the ability to affect the background hiring of writiers, producers, directors, etc. I don't totally understand the connection, but the influence goes beyond the simple recognition of the stars. This concept makes sense to me. Otherwise, why would the "Good ole' boys' club" deem it necessary to stay predominately male and White?

  8. At the end of everything he said, he said I understand its about that check, go get that check, at the end of the day.. get that check.. well if its about gettin the check then we gotta be down with the white man because your check gets bigger when you get the Oscar…So which is it.. The check, or doin our own thing….?

  9. Smeek Meek says:

    Wow, that's real talk, he hit it on the head!!

  10. Tarik Tyler says:

    Contrary to popular belief not every oscar winner got bigger checks. Have you seen how Cuba Gooding Jr's. carrer went post oscar?

  11. CW Woods says:

    Sheri Townsend – I've heard the same thing before. But what I understand is that even those special relationships and perks don't always necessarily apply to non-white Oscar winners. Seems to me that usually the only times lots of people of color are working in Hollywood is when some big star or behind-the-scenes power broker is making a concerted effort to be inclusive. Have to give props to Eddie Murphy. I notice that when he is making films he *always* bends over backwards to employ as many different types of people as possible.

  12. I may have missed it, but I think he is the only black actor/actress that has every made that statment and to be so straight forward and direct….much respect n real talk!!!!

  13. He is absolutely right.

  14. Joel Qua says:

    It's Cheque*, not whatever it is you spelled just now.

  15. Ken Ingram says:

    How many major productions has Louis Gossett, Jr been in since "An Officer and A Gentleman"?

    How about Cuba Gooding, Jr.?

    How many films did Morgan Freeman do, worthy of an Osca before he has been nominated?

    How many films have Halle and Denzel done before they were nominated for playing roles that support the status quo image of black people?

    It's not about industry. Black folks can create industry just fine without white people.

    It's about who controls the narrative of who black people are outside this country, where american media is the only voice broadcasting information.

  16. I agree 100% with him, I disagree with his brother hosting for a check. Many Blacks have been coerced to harm other Blacks for a check or pay day. UNITY matters .

  17. Ken Ingram Well said. Thank you.

  18. I don't get it… He says, "I Don’t Understand Why Black People Feel This Undying Need to Be Down with White People All the Time", but his brother is hosting the Oscars for a check??? Is he serious?

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