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3 thoughts on “White Man Approached by Cops While Burning Down House and Holding Machete, What Happens Next Is Shocking

  1. You can`t blam cops for being well trained … It`s the ones that are not correctly trained .. They are not all bad

  2. Mark Calland says:

    They could have put that fire out

  3. Has NOTHING to do with training and everything to do with fear. ALL of these cops who fire prematurely and more specifically at black males always make the claim that "fear" played a pivotal role in their decision to kill. America's history is rife with "black male fear" and it is evident in the cases you see whether they get mainstream attention or not. Why do you think in so many of these deaths the police departments make civil settlements in the millions? It's because they'd rather pay those millions than admit that their entire system of policing is biased and severely flawed.

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