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Charles Blow Makes an Interesting Point About the Tamir Rice Case That Few People Have Highlighted

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103 thoughts on “Charles Blow Makes an Interesting Point About the Tamir Rice Case That Few People Have Highlighted

  1. Robert Jones says:

    In each of these cases, they person HAS to die in order for the police WORD to stand unchallanged. Remember Zimmerman related that after he shot Trayvon he got on top of him to "hold him down". He wanted to make SURE he was dead. Notice in most cases were the victim lives the "case" is alway reduced or thrown out. They don't want the testimony as to what REALLY occured.

  2. Matt Koegler says:

    What about the line where they said they actually thought Tamir was a man, not a boy? Since Ohio is an open carry state, what would he have been doing that was ileagal?

  3. Steve Ware says:

    Why didn't they just pull up near the suppose threat and check it out instead of right up on him. Fifty ft or so. They could have seen from there that it was a kid.

  4. Paul James says:

    Check the letter from the lawyers of Tamir Rice's family requesting a federal investigation into the case. When you read the evidence against the mentally unfit cop, the prosecutor and the Cleveland PD, you'll see why I believe its needed.

  5. Robert Jones: Valid Point…

  6. Great Point Mr. Blow… As always…. Lemon is such a jerk….:-/

  7. Robert Jones Exactly right….. Dead men tell no tales…..:-/

  8. Basil Malik says:

    Man excellent point I have been making and not hearing it being made on a national level. If you thought he was an adult then he wanst breaking any law but they didnt care whether he was licensed or not.

  9. Kevin Hall says:

    I have a Maalox moment almosst every time I watch Don Lemon.

  10. Correct Matt Koegler, the man that was shot in the walmat in Ohio. Instead of policing correctly they fired on that man within a min or so after arriving. Again if its an open carry state, why so quick to shoot?

  11. An eye for an eye. They cant be allow to kill us like that. The answer is an eye for an eye.

  12. Even with open carry you aren't allowed to brandish a weapon, which is what the original report was for. With OC, the gun must be holstered.

  13. Gary Jackson says:

    Did he point the gun at the Officers or make any moves towards the gun?,once the police approached him.

  14. Matt Koegler says:

    Kenneth Pleasant, I don't believe Danny was making an excuse for the police, he was just pointing out the flaw in my logic, and he was correct.

  15. those cops should be dead, say what u want, but had it been my child those cops home and family would be visited. So sick and tired of black families letting cops get away with murdering their children and then doing nothing. You know damn well white cops are not going to be punished. Just like there use to be groups like the deacons for defense and black panthers, you damn sure better believe there is a desparate need for them now. Black men are being hunted and gun down like animals by cops, then the media and others have the got damn nerve to complain and whine about cops being shot, but the truth really is until much more cops fall NOT A DAMN THING WILL CHANGE ABOUT THEM MURDERING UNARMED BLACK MEN AND WOMEN AND THEIR CHILDREN. If you do not believe it, well keep standing by like cowards and watch. Maybe it will be someone in your family or someone u know. It has been going on for generations and decades, only difference now is that it is being shown on videos and they have told us over and over black lives do not matter to them, so their life do not matter either.. Anybody can be got, cops included, without being caught

  16. It was less then a second from the time the officer got out until he was shot… I'm sure he moved in some manner

  17. Open carry only applies to WHITES!!! Only WHITE males can "stand your ground"!!! Welfare benefits were only to aid and assist WHITE men who couldn't find jobs, as was unemployment payments. And the "right" to discriminate only applies to WHITES….we, as a Black people and a Black part of this AMERIKKKAN society are only supposed to be entitled to what they(WHITE MALE/FEMALE CONSERVATIVES) feel we should have, and that isn't much, if anything at all.The police state in Ameriica is designed to "keep us in our place", not to protect us, and they are supported by the majority community.Until that changes, there will be thousands more Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Johnnie CrawfordIII, Ramarly Graham,Sandra Bland, Bettie Jones and on and on….

  18. Our lives (Blacks) doesn't count in the system of White Supremacy/Racism.

  19. Matt Koegler says:

    I own no guns, so I know squat about gun laws. Thank you for straightening that part out for me.

  20. Matt Koegler says:

    Danny Peterson pointed out something that I hadn't thought of in my post. Open carry means holstered and they are justifying the shooting because he was brandishing the weapon. That's still no excuse, you don't jump out of a car shooting and you get medical attention immediately when needed, this was in no way justifiable, but my arguement is deflated with that small info.

  21. Woody Daigle says:

    Apparently Ya'll live don't count in the Black community either…….

  22. Danny Peterson, why are you making an accuse for bad police behavior? What if Tamir had a toy rifle? It can't be holstered. I don't think that brandishing a weapon in an open carry state by itself is a crime, especially if no one is around, or are a good distance away. People who intent to harm others with a firearm don't stand in the open because someone may fire upon them.

  23. no the child did not point the gun at the pigs nor move toward them

  24. don lemon is a real big gay jerk

  25. Woody Daigle Woody that does not have a damn thing to do with cops hunting black people down and murdering them like animals, but one thing i say black people do not want to fight back then oh well.. Because had it been my kid, those two pigs would not be around today. There are many ways to get at cops and not get caught. They have families and homes too

  26. Matt Koegler But he actually wasn't brandishing the weapon. Check the video. I think your original point was correct. And I believe in Ohio there are rules again open carry in certain locations (like parks), but I don't think the penalty for violating those rules is that you get shot.

  27. Because they aren't good at their job.

  28. Woody Daigle Assuming you are correct, why do you think that is? Oh, aside from the fact that American society has repeatedly told them that their lives don't matter. In any event, why wasn't you respond to him, "Maybe, but black lives matter to me?" You know why? Because you support the SYSTEM in which lives don't matter, and that's his point. Next time just write "I don't like blacks" and move on. Don't try to blame them for your hatred.

    (Also, apparently white lives don't count in the white community, either, since there is a lot of white people killing white people, too. So by your logic, the government and law enforcement should have the right to kill whomever they want, including whites, whenever they want.)

  29. So sad and thry want us to just keep letting them kill our children and not be angry.

  30. Danny Peterson you are allowed to show your weapon in an open carry state. If you we pointing at people that is a different story. Go to akron ohio where i white man was walking into black neighborhoods brandishing his weapon. People called,saying that they felt threatened. Police let him go no charges
    He had a machine gun and a tech nine. It was,all on video. So if you can approach him why cant you approach a 12 year old and John Crawford who was shopping in Walmart

  31. Andrew Pat Jannison O'Malley Absolutely; Tamir Rice was not handling the "weapon" at all when the two officers rolled up on him.They could not (logically) have even surveyed the scene because they did not have time between the time they arrived and shot the child.

    There are many things about the immediate circumstances surrounding this incident that have not been addressed yet; and I'm doubtful that they ever will be addressed. One, Tamir reportedly was a "big" boy for his age: But what does that have to do with shooting a person to death without provocation.

    Two, Tamir did not appear to be in a rage when they arrived on the scene, in fact he appeared calm and seemed not to even realize that the cops were there to shoot him and not just talk to him. Does that sound like a dangerous grown man to anyone?

    Sorry, I'm finding it difficult to continue on with my comments because it saddens me that a young 12 year old boy's life can be treated so insignificantly by our law enforcement officers. It's even sadder to think that so many people seem to accept this disrespect for human life without question.

  32. Terry James says:

    What if this was your son would you be saying that? Danny I don't thank so…this is a child not a dog are some other animal.
    May God Bless his FAMILY…….All

  33. I'm definitely not excusing the behavior of the police just trying to clarify a point. Open carry allows you to have a weapon but it must be holstered or in a sling.

  34. Chris Lawson says:

    Because the cop was a racist jackass who intended to shoot the kid at the soonest opportunity — which is precisely what he did. Did he know it was a kid? No. Did he know it was a toy? No. All he knew was that Tamir was black. And Tamir paid for the cop's stupid, racist, willfully negligent mistakes with his life, while the cop walks free, guilty as HELL of murder.

    Black Boys Viewed as Older, Less Innocent Than Whites, Research Finds

  36. Justice Department is FOUL!!!!!!

  37. Mo Craig says:

    Danny Peterson the gun was not out when the cops arrived

  38. Still trying to figure out how to differentiate the "good guys" with guns from the "bad guys" with guns.

  39. Matt Koegler I'm having a hard time understanding why the police drove their car within yards of the supposed gun. Wouldn't you approach someone with a gun from a far initially? What if Tamir had a real gun and started shooting at them immediately?

  40. @1:37 seconds the face of the Woman on the screen answers the sentiments of the Priveleged towards Tamir's death.

    #eyerolls #weseeyouamerikkka

  41. The only solution to out of control police like this is to fire every cop, completly dissolve the police department, and start over from square one. You can't fix stupid, and there is no amount of training that can change a person who gets off on killing, the way more and more cops are showing that they do.

    The alternative is one day Americans will finally get fed up, and start to really fight back – beating for beating, bullet for bullet, and things will not end well for the ones who think they are above the law.

  42. Oba Anpu says:

    This multi University study proves that white People's brains are hardwired to see Black Males as a threat and as criminals. Stanford, Yale, U.C. and The University of Pennsylvania participated in this study, so this is major!! Question is…why isn't this given ANY national attention. This study clearly showing white police AND individual bias against Black males, and is a major factor in whether they pull the trigger or not, no matter what level of danger they face. "Seeing Black: Race, Crime, and Visual Processing"

  43. Tony Sutton says:

    I guess it depends on who is doing the carrying.

  44. OMG! This just pissed me off to the highest power. I can't read anymore. How was this Cop not charged?

  45. Matt Koegler says:

    Grover Strong, that is a very good question.

  46. Danny Peterson , then he was doomed from the start since his toy gun had no holster.

  47. Woody Daigle, your life, in case you haven't noticed, doesn't count in the White community either and mine doesn't count there as well!!! Go study some history, review some current events, look outside your door and process beyond your uninformed, willful blindness state of mind!!! Do Daniel Holtzclaw, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Dylan Roof, Tim McVeigh, Charles Stuart, Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson, Jerry "Can't Leave Those Kids Alone" Sandusky and "Whitey Bulger" ring any bells with you?? I guess you see only what you want to see, huh? Your position is pitiful!!

  48. Just hearing these details of callous injustice has me stomped on the latest decision

  49. Paul James says:

    Alyssa Haskins Because it happened in a crooked and fraudulent America. America is a fraud, a lie. They might as well wipe their asses with the constitution. This is what the end of empire looks like.

  50. Danny Peterson what's the difference?

  51. What would you black people judges these actions as being if you WERN'T black, this means that the context of 'race' would be ommited and coudn't be utilized. What would you call it THEN: SAVAGE, and if such SAVAGE action is ALLOWED and even REWARDED then you would most likely have to promote such behavior to being outringht EVIL.

    Look at how long this has been occuring and tie it into the HISTORICAL NATURE of white people period…we attempt to fool ourselves into thinking that these SAVAGE acts are merely "racist"–connected to the immediate past of white supremacy and slavery within THIS land only and not connected to a much lengthier culture and savage chracter tradition of europeans period. If it were merely a problem between us and some "rougue" cops than we could inquire about possible refom, but its not just the cops, its the DA, its the FBI, its the CIA, its the judges, its the ENTIRE "law" system itself that ALSO looks past such EVIL deeds with a smirking grin.

    How long are you people gonna allow white folks to account for such savage and inhumane deeds as "racism" and not EVILISM?

    Everything that happens to us is truly OUR fault, simple because every time that this system and those who run and support it has offended us to the point of TERRORIZING us…we've ALWAYS attempt to project HUMANITY back into a naturally evil people. That was stupid and counter productive.

    And we STILL asking ourselves "WHY?!" when it occurs over and over and over again.

  52. Matt Koegler says:

    The problem with me commenting on this is I won't watch the video. I do not want to see a child murdered. If I had watched it, I wouldn't have made these factual errors.

  53. Open Carry is different From have a CONCEALLED Weapon…..

  54. This biblical quote is often misused. It is not a justification for revenge but rather a limit on punishment (only an eye for an eye)

  55. The gun was in his waistband when the police arrived. He was not brandishing it at that time.

  56. Mario Howell says:

    It's all kind of gay to me… Fearful little bitches afraid of their shadows WITH body armor and a gun… Definitrly kind of gay… No offense to my actual gay friends, etc…

  57. Lee Jacobs says:

    This issue you raise, one that I agree with, "whites see black males as a threat and criminals" is due to the overwelming evidence we see on T.V. news showing story after story of black males committing violent acts. You must also consider the fact that the FBI National Crime Information Center (NCIC) statistics show 53% of all violent crime in the US is casued by Blacks, 13% of the population, and over 90% of violence against blacks is by blacks, and over 90% of violent crimes against whites is by a person of color. I know these crime are being committed by a very small % of blacks in America, and it makes it very difficult for the majority of blacks, who are law abiding, and just want to live nornal lives, to do so….

  58. Marc Vance says:

    Danny Peterson Is that like when the toy gun was found in his waistband, you know, when they thought he was a man??


  59. Oba Anpu says:

    @Lee Jacobs brother, don't take that data from the gov. hook line and sinker as absolute. Do you know the DEA and other are told to stay out of white communities? Do you know that just last week 2000 white kids rioted at a mall with ZERO arrests? I could go on and on with this. They criminalize Black people at a rate that is ten times that of whites, and no, I'm not making excuses for thse Blacks who ARE criminals either. They even have us thining we are THE problem. We are not. Even if we wanted to be…..we don't have the numbers……
    nah mean?

  60. Danny Peterson How do you holster a rifle

  61. Wanja Gitau says:

    Tamir Rice's death is extremely regretable and should have been avoided at all costs.Who do the police protect if they kill the very people they are sworn to protect? Who does justice serve if it fails some of it's citizens, are some worthy than others in a country that claims that all men are created equal in it's constitution and what about compassion and humanity should these be previledges afforded to only a few? Who are the police accountable to? How can citizens of color be assured of their safety in America it seems like black people are endangered in America

  62. Jay Pat says:

    Lee Jacobs I don't know where you got those stats from but they are completely false. That's part of the problem, so many bad "stats" that people take as fact…smh.

  63. Clive Walker says:

    Why didn't they allow for him to get medical attention after all that time? Maybe he would have made it. It's really sad but one thing's for sure no single goes unpunished…the officers may walk from man's court but not God.

  64. At the very least, the cop should have been convicted of manslaughter. They didn't follow police protocal (unless something has been changed). I have relatives who were police. You never drive directly up on someone who you're told has a gun. It's dangerous. You stay a distance away and warn the person first (to drop the weapon). This is injustice pure and simple. As Americans, we all should be ashamed of ourselves. Unfortunately, there are too many people who don't have the decency to feel that shame. America is on the decline. One of the reasons is because it has lost its soul!

  65. Its funny how all the people here that are justifying the police action are not addressing the point of why no medical assistance was given to this child as he lay on the ground dying.

  66. Justin Paul says:

    Kenneth Pleasant It is universally illegal to brandish a weapon, whether the state is OC or not. You can keep it holstered. You may draw and point it only if someone else is threatening your life. You cannot walk around flailing it around willy milky. That's why the term and the charge exist distinct from "carrying".

  67. Claude Webb says:

    This whole situation is so wrong, I always appreciate his thought narrative

  68. Oba Anpu says:

    @Jay Pat I agree. Any of us who live in America can just open our eyes as to race based demographics, and those stats suck a**. No way they are accurate.

  69. Lee Jacobs, apparently they are not doing an accurate count because the number of serial killers in the white race is huge and have killed hundreds of white women and men. Get your head out of the sand and read about your background from the day that they landed in America and up until the late 60's and early 70's and see how many whites murdered blacks. You need to read and go to the Tim Vines videos. He is a white man telling the misconceptions that whites have about themselves and it is all documented. If 90% of whites were killed by blacks, death row would be filled with blacks. I think that they include the number of blacks that have been falsely accused of crimes that they never did because someone's family was threatened to get someone to lie on them to close cases. They have found out that Alabama falsely arrested so many blacks that the departments there are under investigation. A lot of blackks are beginning to get out of prisons now that received 5 times the amount of time than the whites that did the same crimes received. Some white policemen are being threatened because they could not live themselves anymore with the way things have been to nonwhites. A black DEA agent has told that they are trained to target young black men between the ages of 17 to mid twenties. Another one has said that they have planted drugs illegally on more people than he can even remember. The report may have been a six month period report. Read about the Black Holocaust. If blacks developed a thuglike attitude, it will have to be because they were getting tired of being attacked by mobs of white thugs.

  70. Suzanne Kathleen – Thank you addressing these issues. And let's not forget about America's history of lynching Black men, boys, women, and girls just because they were Black. This practice was still in effect up through the late 1960s and early 1970s (maybe even beyond) and no one dares to factor the cruelty of this systematic injustice toward Black people in America. Yet, we are the "thugs" and "criminals" while White people are the epitomy of moral and Christian conduct and behavior.

    What I say to Black people is, read, read, and read some more about the history of race, political, and socio-economic structure in America; learn what the truth about race and race relations is through well researched and well documented studies. Prepare yourselves to debate the people who want to rewrite the "script" with documented facts; you'll win the debate every time.

  71. Oba Anpu says:

    @Lee Jacobs I want to list a few books so that we can begin to understand that Black crimes committed are being "promoted" by the U.S. media, while white crime is SERIOUSLY under reported and in many, many cases omitted and downplayed by the U.S. media. This is intentional. This is "PROGRAMMING….Here's the data,,

  72. Oba Anpu says:

    This is by no means even the tip of the proverbial iceberg, but for anyone serious about the TRUTH about American criminality from the highest eschelons of the U.S. government and corprations, to the military, court systems, Hollywood/Entertainment and the Police, these books will change your perception forever about who commits the most heinus crimes and who controls the U.S. drug trade and much, much more. ALL of these books are non fiction if anyone inquires about that. TIP: Oliver North during the Iran'Contra scandal, admitted in his own memos, to opening up a bank account for one firm that was moving 4 "FOUR TONS" OF COCAINE A MONTH!! Yet he has a nationally sindicated show called "WAR STORIES WITH OLIVER NORTH" making tens of thousands of dollars from that and lecturing all over this country for big bucks, while "Pookie and RayRay, Juan and Jose, are promoted as posterboy's for THE drug dealers of the century. This is U.S. propaganda. Look at the data, don't come back on me with personal attacks for posting this. Make the message the issue NOT the messenger.

  73. Tamir didn't have a weapon, he had a toy, & if a cop can kill a kid for playing with a toy gun & get away with it, toys guns should be banned, this is complete BS, plain & simple.

  74. Oba Anpu, thank you for the link the article is an insightful read!

  75. Oba Anpu says:

    Margie Campbell-Threadgill You're welcome beloved.

  76. Oba Anpu says:

    Margie Campbell-Threadgill Indeed. Knowledge is the key to defeat ignorance.

  77. Dee Carolle says:

    Alyssa Haskins as bad as it sounds, the Prosecutor did not want an indictment that's why there wasn't one. You don't bring experts in to testify in GJ proceedings without being able to be cross-examine them plain and simple – kinda one sided huh. This should have been handled by a special outside prosecutor period. McGinty is messy.

  78. Greg Massaro says:

    You try to shoot me, I don't render any compassion. as far as keeping people away, that is maintaining their safety. No one is allowd to ride in the back of a squad when it is critical. This guy is a race baiting younger version of Al sharton.

  79. Being a Canadian I am just glad that this type of stereotyping is not as evident here…and YES…I am white with a half black grandson and half asian children. Do I see race…No…and my daughters have dated Chinese, East Indian etc. They have been brought up to see people not color or race.But I see your point Oba Anpu. I would however question as to the study applying everywhere within the USA.

    I travel to the USA and have lived in California and Washington State without a problem of any kind and have full black and Latino friends there. Is Western USA different than East and South??? Your obviously black by skin color Oba but I would have a coffee or be part of a lunch/dinner group and see you as a person…not as a "Race". So glad my thinking is not skewed or "hardwired" so as to preclude you from being a friend! So as a Caucasian person I sincerely wish all people in the USA, whether Latino, Black, Asian etc a safe and happy New Year!!!!

  80. Oba Anpu says:

    Please watch this clip too. It confirms what I said about racism/conditioning.

  81. Greg Massaro says:


  82. Greg Massaro says:


  83. Victor Jose Santana Being a "White" Canadian, and sitting here looking at my half Jamaican grandson, I am absolutely appaled at this report and trying to wrap my head around this. The only exlanation I can see for this rationale is the way many "young black" children/adolescents are subjected to violent behaviours in the poorer neighbourhoods (you call then ghettos) and examples of this become engrained as behaviour modifications.

    I am glad that my grandson who appears as a mocha skinned black boy is growing up in Canada where he is integrated into a society that is not so quick to judge him. Yes, he will face some racial slurs throughout his lifetime but he is being taught that he should be proud of who he is as a person and not by his colouring.

    Canada has its race problems but not nearly as profound as the USA and the blame must rest with Obama and people like Al Sharpton who are inciting racial tensions and exasperating every unfortunate situation and interaction between different racial groups. I say racial because regardless of your "color" the bottom line is you are all "Americans" for the most part if born in USA or are a legal immigrant!!!

    As a parent my heart goes out to the parents of this child. I say child because of age not accounting for the fact that he was 5'7" and 200 lbs…man sized!! If I read your statutes on OC right he was not allowed to brandish the "firearm" and point such at people in a threatening manner. Yet he was doing so with the mindset of a "Child"! I leave the determination of the threat to those who felt threatened. The police are said to not have known his "Race" and faced a man sized child drawing down on them with a weapon. What every news story leaves out was how he was drawing that weapon (Toy Gun).

    I am not judging his actions nor that of the police. My heart breaks at the thought of my grandson being in that situation and doing what children will do….then being the subject of police action based on what must have been a stressful situation for them. The police will have to live with their action of shooting a child with a replica gun for life….and that child will never grow to be an adult! Who wins in this? It would seem Obama and race baiters like Al "I don't pay my Taxes" Sharpton will with their continual objective of racial divison and tension.

    Heartbreaking and I am glad I see people and NOT "COLORS"!!!

  84. If the allegations in the letter are true then this should incite a Federal, hopefully unbiased investigation into the legal proceedings, the prosecutor and the actions of the police. BUT it is not a reason for further racial division at THIS time and should not be used to justify any action on the part of uninvolved parties. My sincere condolences to the Rice family!!!!

  85. Oba Anpu says:

    @Greg Rauscher I appreciate that Greg. You must know that people like you are in numbers the "exceptions to the rule". It's not so much a racial thing as it is a conditioning/programming thing. For the most part racism is a "learned" behavior. This is not a regional thing either. ALL over America I have reports of just wicked things being done to Black People for no other reason than for being Black. I wish I had time and space to post the data, but this one POWERFUL video says it all. This very revealing social experiment could have been anywhere in the continental U.S., and the results would have been the exactly the same. 100% so.

  86. Sad that a young life has ended so tragically. I am not judge, jury and executioner. God will judge in the end…until then I reserve my opinion but do believe an independent panel of Federal authority should do a complete and UNBIASED assessment. Wrong actions on the part of all involved may have happened that need to be investigated and disclosed. Until then NOBODY should precipitate more senseless violence and the need for judgemental accusations add nothing to this tragedy!! Condolences to the Rice family who have lost one of their own!!!

  87. This is a complete scandal unjust killing of a child unarmed who was no threat to anyone

  88. When responding to a gun run, the last thing you should ever do is drive right up to the person holding the gun. Maybe it's just me (Detroit Police officer for 16 years), but perhaps pulling up to the scene from a safe distance would have given you time to assess the situation. Truly hoping the officer who fired the shot will face federal charges, and the driver will atleast be fired.

  89. Victor Jose Santana Thank you so much for this informative and insightful think!

  90. Mayo Pongco says:

    police standard procedure

  91. Oba Anpu because it was the cops that did all the killing ask any biker that was there and there were plenty.

  92. Oba Anpu says:

    @Michael David Sugg I never heard that one, but I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. Ruby Ridge…Waco…etc..

  93. Lee Jacobs your statistics are a little off. The source you cited shows that there isn't a significant difference between black on black vs white on white crime.. it also says that, typically crime is committed usually against someone from their own community.. I don't recall it saying anywhere that most of the crime against whites were by a person of color..

  94. Oba Anpu says:

    @Kevin Risorgimento Bowman What you're saying makes perfect but common sense. As Dick Gregeory stated "You kill where you're at" Nowhere in America do that many Black killers live around white folks to kill such a high number. Most Black killers live in urban settings where there are very few whites.

  95. I saw the video of John Crawford III being killed (sadly I saw it…can't get it out of my mind), and I seem to remember that he was talking on a cell phone and the pellet gun was pointing towards the floor when they shot him. He was carrying that gun, like it was a toy. Like it was something he was going to buy. Nonchalantly swinging it around. He never pointed it at anybody…during the entire surveillance video. Personally, I think the man that called 911 and LIED about John Crawford III being a threat should be put in prison for murder or manslaughter. He created a sense of threat that did not exist. (At the hearing, they dubbed the 911 call over the surveillance video, timed exactly with what John Crawford III was doing when the caller spoke. The caller was a liar. There was another fatality during that incident also. A 37-year old woman, Angela Williams, had a heart attack and died, when she heard the shots. The coroner called her death a homicide, 'cause of the chaos in the store.) Regarding Tamir: Let's not forget that originally the officers reported that they warned Tamir 3 times to drop the weapon. Whoops…there's a video? Umm, maybe we didn't actually warn him 3 times. I believe the officers lied, because Tamir's killer knows he is guilty.

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