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How White Privilege Allows White Men to Survive Police Encounters

speeding-ticketPolice would rather kill a Black man than let him get away. Fact.

Black men who dare to run for their lives trigger moments of explosive rage shown by police-terrorists. Evidence tells us that police interactions are fatal, so it’s not surprising that Black men pick the escape option as opposed to the stay-and-die option. Sadly, the lynch mob terminates last minute attempts at self-preservation.

Just look at the way 26-year-old Mario Woods was executed. Woods was surrounded by officers with guns like he was a hunted animal. Woods showed vulnerability through his slow and decrepit demeanor. Anyone with common sense could tell he was not a deadly threat to police. Maybe Woods was armed with a knife, but it didn’t justify killing him to disarm — police fired at Woods at least 15 times. It seems we have trigger-happy police so high on adrenaline and power that the ability to exhibit compassion has disappeared.

Back in September 2014, Darrien Hunt, 22 was shot at six times — at least once in the back — while running away from police after allegedly swinging a “samurai-type” sword at officers. Of course, reports from officers are questionable, and Hunt’s family and lawyers refute claims that Hunt was swinging at officers.

In October 2014, 17-year-old Laquan McDonald — who was holding a knife at the time — was fatally shot 16 times by a Chicago police officer despite the fact that he was walking away from police.

Similarly, in December 2015 Nicholas Robertson, 28, who was allegedly armed and behaving erratically, was shot dead while walking away from officers. After being shot repeatedly, Robertson appeared to be crawling on the ground, at which point officers continued to shoot him.

The deaths of these men are indicative of the endemic dehumanization and devaluing of Black people by those hired to uphold morality. Liberals should not only challenge the number of killings, but the grotesque form or topography these killings assume, especially when there are alternative means to disarm.

After Black lives are destroyed, cover-ups arise to preserve white privilege in all its shining glory. But are armed white people massacred in the same way?

Take the case of 32-year-old Eric Frein, a white man and one of the FBI’s 10-most-wanted fugitives. He was captured in October 2014 after 48 days on the run. Frein was charged with wounding a Pennsylvania state trooper and murdering another state trooper, and yet the manhunt ended with Frein’s arrest.

Dylann Storm Roof, 21, killed nine parishioners during a prayer service at Emanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Roof’s brutal act of white supremacist terrorism aimed to stimulate a race war. After a manhunt, Roof was arrested the morning after the shooting. Once again, a dangerous white man survived an encounter with police — Roof’s trial in state court is set to begin in July 2016.

Robert Lewis Dear, 57,  is accused of murdering three people in November 2015 at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs. Dear is a white male who engaged in anti-abortion terrorism. At the time of the incident — which involved a standoff that was reported to of lasted for five hours — police SWAT teams crashed armored vehicles into the lobby of the clinic and Dear surrendered. Dear was arrested, once again demonstrating the differential treatment of armed white men compared to “armed” Black men.

Police interventions that are used with white men are inconsistently applied to Black men. Less fatal courses of action such as verbal de-escalation, pausing and reassessing, or structured negotiation have been thwarted by racist knee-jerk reactions that involve drawing a gun and pulling the trigger. Here, hooligans in uniform fire guns and end lives simply because they shoot first and think later.

I don’t want to live in a world where the police are allowed to kill.

I don’t want to bring children into the world knowing that I have to teach them not to call the police.

We need to eradicate the differentiated treatment of suspects, and advocate for a system of policing that is humane and committed to maintaining the dignity of all, regardless of race.

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9 thoughts on “How White Privilege Allows White Men to Survive Police Encounters

  1. Donald Spitz says:

    You are quite the anti-white racist.
    Acts 17:26 And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;

  2. Mike Red says:

    I think you shouldlook in the mirror. Black males actors have way more roles than their 6% of the population should justify, president is black, black-male white female is the most depcited inter racial couple in Media but none of the real top 3 combos get any screen time ever, affirmitive action in schools, and genrally people need to hire diversity and are afraid to fire.

    No amount of euqality would ever be enough for you till we give you everything, inlcuding our homes, beds, and probably sisters.

    What do you complain about? Police? I've seen cops a lot. What I've seen tells me aside from the random bad cops, just like there are bad people in every profession and not an indictment against the profession as a whole, cops only treat you bad if you deserve it. They are human and if you do something to get on their bad side you will.

    Funny thing is when black people think they are being mistreated just becuase they got pulled over and searched more than the 40 and 50 year old white folks. Becuase as a college age white guy I can stell you i've gotten pulled over and checked if i'm drunk or have drugs even as early as 3 pm. Difference is I don't go screaming in the streets against cops about racism and now actually creating a racial battle for no reason.

  3. Dee Matthews says:

    Please just stop it,there is no equality in this world when it comes to the European and you know it…

  4. The more correct title of this article would have been "How the System of White Supremacy Allows White Men to Survive Police Encounters". Just saying "White Privelege" is a term that lacks clarity because it doesn't explain where the privelge comes from and why it exists.

    All Non-White people should understand and express Racism (The System of White Supremacy) in terms that clearly define what Racism is, how it works and why it exists. Saying that Racism is White Supremacy and that it is a total, global social/political system makes it more clear about what we are up against and what we can do about it. Simply saying "White Privilege" does not. That is why, as the title suggests, we are still confused about why Black people are severely mistreated and White people aren't.

    “If you do not understand white supremacy (racism)—what it is and how it works—everything else you know will only confuse you”.
    • Neely Fuller, Jr. in The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept (1984)

  5. Levi Batiste says:

    Go kill off ISIL, not our kids.

  6. James Wilson says:

    Mike Red Why would you? You're white.

  7. Mike Red ….ur the prime definition of conscious stupidity… u kno but refuse to accept the factual truth

  8. Are you joking? 2x the amount of White are shot and killed when blacks commt 75% of all violent crimes and when the police are attacked it's a black like 90%+ of the time. If things WERE EQUAL blacks would get shot TWENTY SEVEN TIMES MORE OFTEN THAN WHITES. That's BLACK PRIVILEGE.
    Stop crying, stop whining and address the black communities problems stop blaming everything on Whitey. Most of us are starting not to give a shit and calling us whatever form of "ist" isn't working anymore. To keep it short, STFU.

  9. Everyone hates your black race, even jews hate you. Even whites that are "on your side" are faking it. Get back to Africa where you belong.

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