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16 thoughts on “MSNBC Hosts Perfectly Checks Rick Santorum’s Ignorant Rant by Asking Him What He’s Doing About White Terrorists with Guns

  1. John Goffe says:

    After listening to this interview if we must call it that, I see that the left is trying to brand the the right as a racist party! I vehamently disagree with the tattic they employ to try to win back the white house, All well thinking people see what the left is doing!! The Senitor is RIGHT BOTH TIMES, it is rediculous to blame an inanimate object for the problem that is humanly related! Lets face the facts, THE DETERIORATION OF THE FAMILY MAKES VOID THE BEST RESULTS WE NEED TO SEE! WHAT PART OF THAT THE LEFT DON'T UNDERSTAND? WHY ARE YOU ALL PLAYING DUMB? IT BENEATH YOU ALL, CHECK YOUR MOTIVES!!!

  2. Kevin Davis says:

    There are intelligent black folks out there, but you're clearly not one of them judging by your grammar, spelling and voting republican. It's not surprising though, republican voters tend not to be the brightest bulbs

  3. Greg Heath says:

    She shut him down and the tired argument they've been using for centuries about this Boogeyman or that Boogeyman when the mass killer is right in our midst

  4. Greg Heath says:

    Kevin Davis John Goffe is not Black…that is pretty obvious.

  5. Greg Heath says:

    When we need the input from the ignorant we'll be in touch…but that list is long and I think I will put you in last position on the list.

  6. Todd Aldrich says:

    Because white men with guns are not the problem you dumb bimbo. The vast majority of murders are NOT the result of a white man with a gun.

  7. Todd Aldrich says:

    It is not the white man with a gun that is committing most murders.

  8. Greg Heath says:

    Todd Aldrich What an implied racist you are….I think if you look at the numbers with a blind eye the facts will certainly outweigh whatever sorry azzed nonsense you're trying to dish out here punk.

  9. Greg Heath says:

    Name calling…that is how it begins, but again we don't hear you.

  10. Todd Aldrich says:

    Greg Heath So I guess dealing with the ACTUAL problems is less important than scapegoating for a political purpose.

  11. Todd Aldrich says:

    Greg Heath Simply citing facts is not racist. I am disappointed that you would feel that way. I would HOPE we could work to end the scourge of violence, instead of distracting from the issues.
    We need to end the drugs, and the influence the drug money and criminal elements have on our kids. We need to improve the education our kids get and eliminate the programs that enourage fatherless families.

    But simply avoiding the issues with such inane and irrelevent coments that do not address the issue is ADDING to the problem.

  12. Todd Aldrich says:

    And it only served as a distraction to the real point that Santorum was making .

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