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8 Bourgeois Fairytales Dr. Amos Wilson Says Black People Have to Relinquish to Overcome Oppression

President Obama The success of one Black individual advances the entire race.

Dr. Wilson sums up the effects of this fantasy:

“It’s very typical of bourgeois rule, to get the average individual and the masses to believe that their own individual advancement represents the advancement of the group. We live vicariously through these people’s success while we starve on these streets as we go unconsolidated and unemployed. And we’re to believe that the advancement of few of us represents the advancement for the rest of us. But let’s check this fantasy against reality, and we can see a direct relationship between the number of Black elected officials and the suffering of African Americans.”



The Black condition will improve with time.

“Who told you that lie?” asked Dr. Amos Wilson, a notable Black psychologist and prolific Pan-African scholar.

There is no law in the universe that promises any individual or any people that things necessarily get better than they were before. We’ve seen peoples, nations and ‘civilizations’ do what? Rise, mature, fall! We’ve seen literally, nations and ethnic groups disappear from the face of this earth.”

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