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8 Bourgeois Fairytales Dr. Amos Wilson Says Black People Have to Relinquish to Overcome Oppression

President Obama The success of one Black individual advances the entire race.

Dr. Wilson sums up the effects of this fantasy:

“It’s very typical of bourgeois rule, to get the average individual and the masses to believe that their own individual advancement represents the advancement of the group. We live vicariously through these people’s success while we starve on these streets as we go unconsolidated and unemployed. And we’re to believe that the advancement of few of us represents the advancement for the rest of us. But let’s check this fantasy against reality, and we can see a direct relationship between the number of Black elected officials and the suffering of African Americans.”



The Black condition will improve with time.

“Who told you that lie?” asked Dr. Amos Wilson, a notable Black psychologist and prolific Pan-African scholar.

There is no law in the universe that promises any individual or any people that things necessarily get better than they were before. We’ve seen peoples, nations and ‘civilizations’ do what? Rise, mature, fall! We’ve seen literally, nations and ethnic groups disappear from the face of this earth.”

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13 thoughts on “8 Bourgeois Fairytales Dr. Amos Wilson Says Black People Have to Relinquish to Overcome Oppression

  1. Amos Wilson is a strong dose of reality. A lot of black folks aren't ready for him.

  2. Pam Johnson says:

    So, what does Dr. Wilson suggest that we do to function in this world?

  3. What I was thinking.

  4. Vern Wrotten says:

    Agreed … thoughtful for the most part … however, at times incredibly " cynical " and short-sighted relative to real world solutions and " Spiritual Evolution " …

  5. Rafiki Wako says:

    "So, what does Dr. Wilson suggest that we do to function in this world"

    Dr Wilson does not suggest that we function in this sick and depraved world, but instead that we make our own.

    That we stop perceiving reality through the eyes of our oppressor, and stop trying to identify with them in a twisted Stolckholm like syndrome by playing their game, by their rules and allowing them to referee. He suggest we separate, attain self reliance, independence and self determination through a reversion to Afrocentricity.

    "We have a leadership that has sought to get us to accept the status quo: the control of the world by the European.

    You errantly hear some of us conceding that it’s the white man’s world so we may as well learn how to live in it or just get along.

    The assimilationist often accepts, consciously or unconsciously, the idea that the white man will continue to rule the world.

    He bases his ideology and political action on the concept that somehow our destiny is not to overthrow the white man, that our destiny is not to remove this pathological person; that our destiny is not to suppress and bring these sick people under control but to heal them in some sort of way, to convert them, to even become part of them.

    Our destiny becomes not one that sees the very system and very ideology upon which these oppressors move as one of sickness and insanity and therefore in need of replacement by an Afrikan-centered and healthy ideology that comes our of our own self-knowing.

    This leadership wants us to accept this sickness as normality and to follow these pathological beings into self-destruction

    – Dr. Amos Wilson

  6. "What does Dr. Amos Suggest we do?"One thing Dr. Amos isn't, and that's being unclear about a solution, he doens't equavocate. He's a self proclaimed Garvyite or a black nationalist, in other words he's clear that black folks need to do for self economicaly. He's reasoning is along the same lines as Dr. Claude Anderson. This is why many black folks aren't ready for Dr. Amos, he gives us a very heavy dose of reality that comes off as "cynical"and that many of us can't handle as evidenced by the some of the comments so far.

  7. Pam Johnson says:

    Arron Frazier, I'm sorry you got the tone of my question incorrect. I knew someone was going to take it the wrong way. It was an honest question. I'm close to 60 years old and I feel as if time is running out, at least for me. I don't have any kids, but I do have nieces and nephews and often wonder what life will be like in their future.

  8. Pam Johnson I'm not about mixing words or accusing anybody I was just speaking with clarity on our situation as people on this planet. We have to do what is in our black interest for our own survival. The past 600yrs to present day that hasn't been our mindset or objective. That has to change for us to secure our own interest and survival for our peopel today and going into the future just like all other non black people.

  9. Vern Wrotten What is cynical and short-sighted about black people have power wealth influence and control to secure our own interest and survival. The Asian groups in their own homelands and in America don't see it as being cynical and short-sighted at all. They are looking to integrate with white supremacy. They are looking to have the power wealth control and influence to overthrown and combat white supremacy.

  10. Pam Johnson says:

    I've read a few of Dr. Anderson's books and have been to see him speak. That was back in 1998.

  11. Great post on Dr. Wilson's views. We Must Build Institutions just like all other groups do and cease looking for approval, inclusion or acknowledgement by others.

  12. If you want the solution maybe you should read all his publications, he often refuted this argument saying that we can't really expect to solve the problem by 2 hour lectures alone and that there needs to be a full analysis of the problem before even embarking on such a mission.

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