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One thought on “Rahm Emanuel Takes Ownership Of Laquan McDonald’s Death, So What Should be His Consequences?

  1. Black Chicgo is not prepared to throw Rahm out of office. Who will replace him?
    There is neither a list of vetted possible candidates who meet the requirements; nor is their a body to administer the vetting. Rather than continue to be jerked around by the latest crisis, or the the most "organized protesters", African Americans in Chicago in conjunction with black townships adjacent to the city, need to form a Greater Chicago African American Neighborhood Congress, that would be the self-governing body to consistently address African American issues in the city and the county.

    If black Chicagoans are once again bum-rushed into making emotional knee-jerk decisions, only those organized forces outside of the black community will benefit; and there is a good chance that black Chicago could lose it's political power permenantly.

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