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Political Power is More Than Symbolism and Voting: Just How Blind Will Black America Be?

voting 1By James Clingman

Gil Scott-Heron once asked: “Just how blind will America be? The world is on the edge of its seat; defeat on the horizon, very surprisin’, that we all can see the plot and claim that we cannot. Just how blind America?”

Today, 40 years later, we ask, “Just how blind will Black America be?” We should be able to see the plot, but many claim they cannot. We are heading down the same political road that got us into our current condition of political impotence and irrelevance. The next election and all of its current hoopla exposes the continuous game being played not only on Black America but on America in general. Any discerning person can see it. Unfortunately, much of our discernment is invested in “The lives of …” “The Housewives of …” and all the other nonsense many of our people watch religiously.

We are too busy living vicariously through the TV lives of other folks who are paid to carry on a bunch of foolishness, to curse one another out, to threaten one another, and to insult one another. We are blind to our own demise right now. But when October 2016 rolls around, we will be in a frenzy of registering to vote, albeit uninformed and ill-prepared to face the ensuing four years of the same mistreatment and neglect we have suffered under previous political administrations.

Political candidates said, “Game on!” months ago, and the best we are able to muster are a few demonstrations, disruptions, and discussions about whether or not our lives matter to them. We have asked candidates what they are going do in response to our plight, but we have not made appropriate and commensurate demands in that regard. In other words, we have a lot of rhetoric but no substantive reciprocal relationships with any of the candidates.

In all the debates thus far there was one question pertaining to Black folks; it came from a Black man, CNN’s Don Lemon, who selected the ridiculous question— “Do Black lives matter or do all lives matter?” The question was silly and meaningless; the candidates’ answer was to ignore the question.

Political candidates know that Black lives did not matter when 2000 Nigerians were slaughtered in the Baga Massacre in Nigeria, which took place the same time as the twelve Charlie Hebdo murders. They know that the 147 students killed at Kenya’s Garissa University in April 2015 did not matter, but the 132 killed in Paris do matter. Want more? They knew that the lives of 985,000 Tutsis in Rwanda did not matter during that massacre in 1994-1995. They know, and we know as well, that Black lives do not matter in “Chiraq” and other cities where we are killing one another. So why ask that dumb question?

Just how blind will Black America be? As we are led down the primrose path by the likes of “pleaders” rather than real leaders, as we buy-in to their sell-out of Black people in exchange for a few crumbs from their master’s table, the speed of our headlong plunge to the bottom increases exponentially.

Can’t you see, Black America? It matters not who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue— you have been and are being played. You are being duped with your eyes wide open. Right now many Black folks are arguing about Hillary, Carson, and Trump, as though we have some power to determine our own political destiny rather than one of them being in charge of it.

Here’s the point. As Brother Gil Scott-Heron suggested, even though it’s obvious that our elected officials will do whatever they want to do, legal or illegal, on our behalf or not, we turn a blind eye to it rather than changing the political game and playing it to win. If you would listen to “H20 Gate Blues,” “The Bicentennial Blues,” “The New Deal,” and “We Beg Your Pardon,” you will see that 40 years ago he told us what the political deal was; we would not listen then and we are still blind to the realities of political chicanery.

Just how blind will Black America remain, y’all? Our political engagement must be pragmatic. It must be for real, not some childish game where candidates are free to simply ignore us as they seek our so-called “precious” votes.

Our political dilemma has never been the lack of a “Black” President, no more than it was in the 60s and 70s when we thought it was a lack of Black politicians. Our problem was and is our lack of political involvement beyond voting, our failure to build political power based on an economic power base, and our reliance on political symbolism over political substance.

“How much more evidence do the citizens need, that the election was sabotaged by trickery and greed?” —”H20 Gate Blues”

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3 thoughts on “Political Power is More Than Symbolism and Voting: Just How Blind Will Black America Be?

  1. Arthur Robinson

    September 7 ·


    Arthur Robinson

    23 hrs · Edited ·


    THE ALL LIVES MATTER FALLACY. If all lives matters in the Americas, why does 1% of Americans controls 80% of the resources?


    why is a fence being built on the border of Mexico?


    why are women still fighting for equal pay or inclusion into corporate America;


    Why are Gays and lesbian fighting for marriage rights;


    Why is the Native American being denied the promises given them


    Why does the economic gap widens

    No; all lives do not matter. these are the much broader question that the Black Lives Movement ask in it's infancy and must be so destroyed.

    Fox News Continues Attack on Black Lives Matter Movement

    Fox News commentators have continued their criticism of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, claiming that it promotes violence against police…

  2. Arthur Robinson

    November 1 · Edited ·



    Many questions and opinions are circulating as to the objectives and methodology of the Black Lives Matter Movement. They are under attack by the establishment as being anti-American. If we take into account the historical context of the Americas too declare that Black Lives Matter is anti-American as well as anti-establishmentarian. It would be just as culturally inappropriate to declare that Native American lives matter, that Latino and Mexican lives matter; Asian lives matter or that any lives matter other than what we have become traditionally and culturally trained that matters.

    What is under attack is the historical context upon which the Americas has been acting upon: That only Caucasian lives matter, because Caucasian lives are the lives that has contributed to the civilization of all other lives, known as the '' white mans' burden '' a burden he has not vacillated in the restoring of his own image as the civilized man of present and historical, but a close examination of the historical records confirms that he is the less civilized of all the nations, not that all the nations of men, has an exemplary record of human abuses, but his' has the greatest atrocities of all the nations of this planet.

    The threat is that the Americas has not lived up too it's international claim of freedom of Government and protection for all Americans of Due Process of Law, Equality; which is a ambiquitious statement, How does one measure equality, if it is economic or social, America has failed and the Black Lives Matter Movement, has the international potential to shine the light upon the hypocrisy of the Americas. It is the identical hypocrisy of the 1800's that lead to international questions regarding the morality of the Americas and lead too the war between the states.

    All of Americas resources are now being employed to stifle the BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT. They have engaged the president of the united states as an combatant, as well as such notables as the less then honorable Al Sharpton and many other Blacks who in their demented reality see the BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT as a greater threat then either ISSIS or Al-Qaida, because, the BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT, essential, brings us to the question: DOES MUSLIM LIVES MATTER? Does any lives matter other than the faith of this nation; does any lives matter that is not aligned too the faith of this nation?

    We have operated in the Americas, as if, if one is not Christian, then one is not worthy of the salvation. It is the teaching of the old and not NEW TESTEMENT OF INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD.

    THE BROTHERHOOD OF MEN> What is it about the BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT THAT MAKE IT ONE OF THE GREATEST THREATS FACING AMERICA? It is the international questioning of Americas objectives pronounced before the world, but lacking in its domestic policies towards the poor and those of non pro Christian beliefs; but would Christ have approved of a declaration against humanity that American Capitalism has taken as it's objective to conquer and manipulate the world into in beliefs and laws, which are lawless where it concerns BLACK LIVES MATTER?

    ALL LIVES MATTER is not an attack against the BLACKS LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT; it is a lie and a deception too misdirect the truth of the American system of justice n due process of law.
    Please excuse me for not mentioning the NFL _National fools league or the many other obsessions of the American Ignorant.

  3. What's on your mind? BLACK DYSFUNCTION OR WHITE HATRED.

    I have been asking myself this question since my youth. What contributes most to our social problems; is it Black Dysfunction or White hatred. Not to make the victim the cause of his own victimization, or, am I.

    I characterize Black Dysfunction as a need to be integrated with a species of humanity that has never viewed the Black Race with any semblance of humanity, only a person of massive and disabling dysfunction would want to be associated, live amongst or share in an ideology that places him at the bottom of the hierarchy of humanity. What is the overwhelming desire to integrate into such a cultural ethos: IS IT BLACK DYSFUCTION OR WHITE HATRED?

    I am not a Legislative integrationist nor a legislative separatist. I do believe that the constitution of these United States places each of us – as citizens – pursuant to the Amendments to this Constitution, equal under the laws of these United States; to Due Process of Law, but I am not one to believe that these great Amendments can place us on social parity. Social parity can only be accomplished , if, we accept one another as social equals.

    But when a culture has a cultural narrative of Divine Right that stipulates nothing, either socially or legally as too their equals ;that devalues all others, that is not a member of that ethos, by complexion then neither social equality or Constitutional equality is possible.

    The most profound and clearest indictment is the founding of the AME -Zion Church in the earliest part of this Century. For those of us who are familiar with its founding; It is one of the most profound statements that integration, with such a culture, is culturally impossible on an institutional level, though one may serve the same God; one does not serve him equally, nor does his God give each of us equal access to that divinity.

    BLACK DYSFUNCTION has caused us to fight for Americas interest in Americas interest to the detriment and distain of Black Interest. We have and continue to fool ourselves that Americas interest is aligned with Black Interest, Hispanic interest, Native American interest, Asian interest, South and Central Americas interest, only to be standing in the wins of a white tornado, naked and without resources to weather the storms of a culturally based ethos that does not include the aforementioned. We make heroes of those who have and villains' of those who oppose the Black Dysfunction in the Cultural hierarchy of America's interest. Examples of such dysfunction are: The Buffalo Solders, the Tuskegee Airman, Viet Nam and the high number of African Americans that are now in the Armed services of these United States, or support of social organizations that have the agenda of Social integration rather than academic, sociopolitical unification of the African American Agenda with the agenda of people of color of various regimes.

    Black Dysfunction cause us to skew any reliance on ourselves as the answer; as opposed to the cultural ethos and theism of integration. as a means too civility and social economic parity in a color based cultural narrative that devalues pigmentation, to the slightest degree, as inferior. It is not institutionalized white hatred, but institutionalize white cultural narrative that sustain this social menagerie.

    Consequences of Black Social Dysfunction: A white man and a Black man approaches a window and immediately assumes that the White man is the Supervisor and the Black Man is his subordinate. This is a common occurrence. Immediately and subconsciously; we assume that the Black Man is the Subordinate and the White man his superior. Such dysfunction has other social consequences as are not limited too the devaluation of Black Life in the main stream culture as well as in the sub culture of Black Lives Matter.

    THE BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT is a statement with subconscious drives of appealing to this dysfunction. It is the recognition that BLACK LIVES DON'T MATTER. It is an appeal and directed at the Broader Cultural narrative that our lives are so intertwined with your culture that we must appeal to that culture; subconsciously, unaware of the lack of agreement that Black Lives don't matter in a cultural narrative based in complexion.

    I am of the opinion that if Black Lives are going to matter, then it must matter in a cultural narrative of Black People; that Black Nationalism and Black Interest must be at the forefront of the Black Lives Must Matter Movement; that we must divorce ourselves and change our reality that; Americas interest is not our interest, therefore, we must define our interest in qualitative and quantitative sociopolitical measures outside of Americas interest as institutional integrationist and see ourselves as we have been defined '' equal but separate '' . We must abandon the integrationist rhetoric; not with a cultural narrative under which we have been judged, but under a cultural narrative of inclusion that recognizes the minority over the majority, and the poor over the wealthy.

    Many of us has been mislead to believe that a Black Nationalist narrative as a cultural objective is the DYSFUNCTION and that it is in opposition to a Native American, Asian, Middle East, African, Central and South American Narrative or in opposition to the Constitution of these United States – as the Black Lives Matter Movement is now being demonized – nothing, if, is further from the Truth. The Black Nationalist cultural narrative is all inclusive where equality and the sociopolitical ramification are '' equal but separate ''.
    Author: Arthur Robinson JUST MY TWO CENTS.

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