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3 thoughts on “The Reason Minister Farrakhan Accuses Chicago’s Mayor for Covering Up Laquan McDonald’s Murder Is Thought-Provoking

  1. Dee Graham says:

    God be the witness between them and we. IN Jesus name

  2. What depth of ignorance is it for black people to protest the Chicago police department with indignation demanding resignation because the police tried to cover up killing a black man with 16 shots when here we have black men standing at attention with military precision but didn't have intelligence on the ground to know that a black man was just shot 16 times in your own back yard?

    Considering the relations between the public and the police department they were suppose to cover it up and we were suppose to uncover it. It is not the police not doing their job it is the protesters not having a central intelligence division.

    Black people should have known before the brothers body hit the ground or at least withing the next 48 hours but did not find out until a year later and to add insult to injury only had the adversaries video to confirm it when every black person and their grand mother have a camera cell phone and out on the street at any given hour day or night.

    If you are going to play soldier, protector, represent strong imagery, walk the neighborhoods, greet the people ,shake hands, take photos then at the very least tell the people if you see anything let us know…..create an intelligence division especially if you are the closet thing to black people having a black army. No doubt someone needs to be held accountable when it is clear that we have all brawn and no brains.

    Sincerely, Enoch Mubarak

  3. Women are not allowed to sit near men? Their husbands, sons, brothers, and fathers? Families are separated? Why?

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