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Guyana Leader Accuses Venezuela of Bullying as the Two Countries Bring Long-Running Border Dispute to the UN

_85788430_918e6168-0e24-4504-adfc-587c4d7b86d8The leader of Guyana has charged that Venezuela was being a bully as the two countries bring their long-running border dispute to the United Nations.

President David Granger says Venezuela has “pursued a path of intimidation and aggression” as it presses its claim to an area of jungle and rivers that amounts to about 40 percent of Guyana’s territory.

Granger said the claims by the larger and more powerful Venezuela have prevented Guyana from seeking to exploit the area known as the Essequibo for its potential mineral and oil resources.

The Guyanese president spoke Tuesday to the U.N. General Assembly meeting and appealed to the world body to mediate the dispute.

Leaders of the two countries discussed the issue Sunday on the sidelines of the annual gathering.

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