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‘White Student Union’ Creates Page to Counter ‘Terrorism’ From Black Lives Matter Activists

black-lives-matterA recently launched Facebook page has branded Black Lives Matters activists terrorists, according to The Washington Post. The page represents a group that refers to itself as the Illini White Students Union and is targeted at white students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The white advocacy group claims BLM activists are a threatening presence and have disrupted life on campus.

According to a message posted to the page, it was created “for white students of University of Illinois to be able to form a community and discuss our own issues as well as be able to organize against the terrorism we have been facing from Black Lives Matter activists on campus.”

Although the group claims it’s not racist, the page contained a quote from “American History X,” a movie where Edward Norton plays a racist skinhead who is sent to prison for killing a Black man by stomping him to death.

The page also complained about BLM activists using an African flag, but the flag they are referring to actually represents Pan Africanism.

A post also called on people to take pictures of BLM activists so they could be identified as “anti-white.”

The Washington Post reported students were concerned they were being targeted.

“One of the parts on the page particularly concerning to students is that they were taking pictures from the rally of the main quad and identifying students in attendance to identify the ‘anti-whites,’” said Marijo Enderle, a senior at the university.

Interim Chancellor Barbara Wilson called the page “extremely disturbing.”

“We recognize the right to free speech, and we encourage you to exercise that right when you see examples of racism, discrimination or intimidation on our campus,” said Wilson, in a message to the student body.

However, not everybody interviewed by The Post was offended by the page.

“What I do like about it is they are fighting for the rights of the white man which are dwindling faster than a rabbit on meth!” said Alan Scroggins from Rantoul, Ill. “I’m not racist, but I’m proud of my heritage! You know!”

In an email to The Daily Illini, campus spokesman Robin Kaler said the college had requested Facebook shut the page down.

“Facebook has been responsive to our requests, but the page continues to be reposted,” Kaler said. “We are continuing to work with Facebook to address this matter. We recognize that passions run deep on all sides of many issues, but actions like this are senseless and hurtful and do nothing to foster meaningful dialogue.”

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