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Kean University Students Receive Racist Death Threats Via Twitter

kean university tweets

Kean University tweets

Late Tuesday night, Black students at Kean University received death threats via Twitter during a campus sit-in.

A user named @KeanUAgainstBLK wrote a series of racist and violent tweets aimed at Black students participating in Camp Night Out, a peaceful demonstration to draw attention to racism on campus. The account posted tweets such as, “i will shoot any black person I see at kean university” before students discovered the account and spread the tweets on social media.

Kean University posted to their Twitter account that an investigation had begun into the threats.

Many students were not satisfied with the university’s response. Some asked for escorts to class, while others suggested to not attend at all.

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2 thoughts on “Kean University Students Receive Racist Death Threats Via Twitter

  1. Nicole Best says:

    Why violence, why threats of voilence? What is this psycosis for someone who wants to kill (end thier life) someone for the color of thier skin. Why is this violent psycosis accepted, propogated and taught to new generations?

  2. In breaking news, it was one of the leaders of the protest who posted those tweets. What say you now?

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