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14 thoughts on “Black West Africa Is Not a ‘Priority’—CNN Panelist Reveals Why the World’s Response to Terrorism in Africa is Lackluster Compared to other Countries

  1. WOw for the first time in a long time i will say this FUCK YOU that was not enough, but when they need OIL or some sort of Resource then they come and take. They are fucken Leeches and they need to learn to fuck off and go piss on a ROCK. If 'white' Africa was boomed fuck changing your status and profile pics they can go jump off a little building.

  2. The main players in this world just dont give a darm when Blacks are killing Blacks in West AFRICA

  3. In America Its all about your race. Dont let the Caucasian lie to you. It is and always be about your race. So with this understood, its time to flex your muscle and be the best race that stepped on the face of this planet! Raise up with pride and brotherly love!! ONE AFRICA NATION

  4. It is the truth and that is with everything. Until white people are affected by it, it is not a problem. People did not care about unemployment and the economy until white people lost their money in the markets and didn't have jobs while there was always double digit unemployment rates in black communities. You can say the same thing about gun violence as well as the international issues going on.

  5. Tarik Tyler says:

    Much simpler. If Africa was a vacation getaway I guarantee they'd be up in arms about it.

  6. Yet you still have France flag

  7. not Nigerian flag maybe….

  8. Dwight MIles says:

    Until and unless somthing is done about Nigerians stealing from Americans. Creating fraudulent transactions and literally stealing money from Americans I will never ever have any sypmpathy for them or thier plight

  9. they don't need your sympathy. #equality is the quest 😉

  10. When did North Africa become white though? i know about the invasion of the Arabs but just because the original people aren't shown doesn't mean they're not there.

  11. I was wondering the same thing. Good question.

  12. What a foolish comment to make! So because a minority of Nigerians steal money from some Americans, you have no sympathy for what happens to any Nigerian person, even if they haven't caused anyone any harm? Why, because all Americans are absolute saints who never cause harm to a person of any other nationality?

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