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17 thoughts on “African Man Explains How Jamaica Really Got its Name, and it Has Nothing to Do with Christopher Columbus

  1. Ricky Porter says:

    To my knowledge Jamaica was named by the original Islanders, Arawak Indians, and they called it Xaymaca, meaning the "Land of Wood and water"

  2. Mikky Hunter says:

    Is that knowledge you have or is it belief?

  3. Ricky Porter says:

    It is not a belief, it has been written by historians! No one could make that up, and it is not hard for anybody to find informationl like this out for themselves. I found out this information while studying the history of the Carribean and if you check, no doubt you will find that this is correct!

  4. Henry Molina says:

    fuck jou whit that woord beguint

  5. Ricky Porter says:

    With all due respect Kefa, go to Jamaica, and see artifacts in Maroon Town, and elsewhere, and I myself am descended from the Arawak, so my Father and the Generations before him would hardly make up stuff to pass down to future generations. We all know history is recorded by the victors, but the history that is passed down through generations, is maybe not 100% correct but is probably more accurate than what we read in history books! There were no black people in Jamaica before African slavery, and the indigenous peoples the "Taino" called Jamaica Xaymaca in Arawakan, meaning "The Land of Wood and Water" the Spanish gradually changed the name to Jamaica! So that's it, but if you want to say it's untrue, I'm not going to have an argument with you! However fact is fact, whatever way you wish to dress it up!

  6. Kefa Makumbi says:

    not everything that is written in books is true, there are have been no archeological findings of any Arawak or Taino Indians in Jamaaica not one single burial ground not one single bone or artifact not even a piece of pottery nothig. No eveidene what so ever of any indians. Just black people so yuh tell me if you want to beleive some books written by the poeple who massacred the indians and Enslaved Africans or you want to look at facts

  7. There are no Original Arawak. That was a british lie. to make black people believe we were not the first to travel everywhere. There were dark skined black people with loose curly hair. There has never been archaeological dig done in jamaica. because the military with is controlled by the goven general controls the nation. Jamaica is not indeendant. the governer general has always controlled the military. Jamaican are still in bondage to britain and her queen.

  8. Ricky Porter says:

    Come on lads, lets not split hairs here! Everybody knows that "Africa is the Cradle of the Earth" and that mankind started in Africa, and DNA tests show clearly that even the Australian Aborigne migrated from Africa to Australia some two three hundred thousand years ago when the two continents were joined by land mass. So in a way you are right everyone comes from Africa, but there were people in America, the Carribean Islands, New Zealand, the South Sea Islands and all over the place long before Colombus set sail. So you or the British or whoever can call them Arawaks, Caribs, or whatever you want, but there were always people there, it's just that Colombus is credited as being "ONE" of ther first to discover these Islands and indeed even America. However that is doubtful as Amerigo Vespucci is the one who credited to discovering this great continet!

  9. Bex Gibbs says:

    very interesting. correction though, not an African man, but a Ghaniain, from Ghana, West Africa. Bx

  10. Andrea Young says:

    Kefa Makumbi so why is there an Arawak Museum i know i visited on a field trip from prep school as a child

  11. the more we dig the more we find that African people were in the CAribbean for thosuands of years before Columbus….many of these tribes were said to be black inclduing the Olmecs and the Caribs, to name a couple…Plus bearing in mind that the African Moors conquered and contolled Europe from the 7thcentury to 1492 and were known as great sailors, it is worth considering…

  12. Damon Francis Fernandes Here some Truth From A Black proffesor.

  13. Laxi Stowe says:

    Yeah, you right, Ghana is not in Africa!

  14. I think Bex's point is that Africa consists of 54 different countries , simply saying African is incorrect , many people, Americans, Jamicans, the French all have this national identity, and so should those in Africa, we shouldnt lump them all into 1 category

  15. Ontell Babbitt Aboriginal. Should be term to go by

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