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17 thoughts on “Neocolonialism: Tempers Flare In Jamaica As Workers Shed Light On How The Chinese Are Treating Them Like Slaves

  1. Darc Rispect says:

    They better hold him hostage like they did in China, they got their money. LOL. The Chinese treat their own laborers like that, but after those bosses kept getting held hostage suddenly CCTV is talking about getting more labor rights. Ya are talking to much it's life or finance. God, Guns, and Gold run the world.

  2. Amber, if you were earning so much, you wouldn't be trolling pages looking for suckers.

  3. please fuck off Amber

  4. Gibson Ampaw says:

    The Jamaican Government treats them worse. 256blacks shot dead by police last yr alone in such a small country. Instead of fighting their own leaders, they have now decided to pick on Chinese employers.

  5. They are going after the Simpson-Miller administration, as well.

  6. This happened because of their J.O.B. mindset. When they were presented with the prospect of increased employment, they saw it as gold. If governments in countries like Jamaica would encourage entrepreneurship as opposed to dependence on others for work, the economy would see a positive boost.

  7. Jide Otit says:

    Suha Suha you are a fucking scammer

  8. Put them out of your country!

  9. Bobby Hines says:

    Please………fuck all non africans that are dictating and calling shots in countries that are not their own, african man run dem out create your own business fuck dem.

  10. What are people crying about….they get themselves out of slavery and ran right back into slavery for chinese money… At the end of the day, the chinaman coming into your house and telling you get out – it's mine !

  11. Long Yang says:

    Maybe Jamaican should all get free lunch from Chinese employer. I think that is what they want, free this, free that. You black people are the children of god. I dont understand why the Chinese wants to invest their hard working ass money into courty like Jamaica

  12. When anyone goes to any other place to do business respect is essential. The reason why anyone would want to do business in Jamaica is because there are allot of natural resources there. So I see allot of ignorant comments here but no one would like to be treated with disrespect or injustice and if anyone goes to Jamaica with that attitude they should go back to there child slave country.

  13. Vaurn James says:

    The Chinese have been in Jamaica for over a 100 years…okay West Indians how long are going to continue to complain before starting your own businesses. I guess another century.

  14. Excellent article Mr. Lumsden – I urge everyone to take a read. I will definitely be sharing this with my Facebook friends.

  15. Lol you need to eat shit and die

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