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#BlackOnCampus Reveals the Outrageous Examples of Racism Students Face Daily While on College Campuses

2000After the resignation of University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe earlier this week, the student protests at Ithaca College, Princeton, and Yale have brought the racial issues that plague higher education to the forefront. Many would say that racism is long gone but students have taken to social media and the streets to let it be known that racism is alive and well, and they are not taking it any more.

In the wake of Mizzou graduate student Jonathan Butler’s week-long hunger strike, Twitter has witnessed racist backlash, racism denial, and flat out bigotry. Many conservatives would deem universities as bastions of liberal ideology, but the events of late have proven that colleges have a long way to go to become inclusive and prevent acts of racism and terror.

According to the University of Missouri, Black students comprise 7 percent of the student body while whites comprise 77 percent. At Yale, 8 percent of the student body is Black. Ithaca College fairs far worse, with only 4 percent. The small number of Black students may reinforce the racial issues at those campuses.

Consequently, Black students have created the hashtag #BlackOnCampus to prove that college campuses are not safe havens for diversity.

This tweet is timely because of the recent threats made by white Mizzou students.

This tweet perfectly encapsulates the belief that Black students could not be successful without handouts.

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