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9 thoughts on “Diddy Has One of the Most Honest and Comprehensive Criticisms of Obama You’ve Ever Heard

  1. I get where this guy is coming from; but I don't think he understands how government works – the THREE branches of government. Has he heard that Obama has been blocked by the republican party (everything he has tried) has been blocked. He doesn't get that. He doesn't understand that it Congress that holds the purse, not the White House. Some of our folk need refresher courses in Political Science.

  2. If what he is saying makes sense .WHAT the hell does he think a Republican if they win using corprate money and bigots will do for our people. This should have been said years ago .OBAMA is just about finish . Anybody not voting will not hurt him . He SHOULD CONTINUE TO GET OUT THE BLACK VOTE to keep the likes of TRUMP,BUSH ,CRUZ.CARSON AND CHRISTI out of the White house.Any of them will set us back a hundred years.

  3. OK people it's time to go beyond you school house rock understanding of giovernment. President Obama has at his disposal the power of Executive Order which he can use without the approval of congress to set new policies while avoiding public debate and opposition. With it he can inact new programs and policies, firing government employees, the Japanese internment camps, sending troops into Bosnia and a whole host of other things without the approval of congress. So before you chastise Diddy or Puffy or whatever his name is really understand how the executive branch wields its power. So now what is Obama's excuse? Are we going to roll out the "he's the president of all people" BS again. Aren't black people a part of those "all people"?

  4. Do you really think the Black vote got him in? Only 40 per cent of the black voters voted for him…each time….the same amount that voted Bush in….They were just more visible this time, Media control again…..Hey Diddy ..where are you clothes manufactured…? js

  5. 97% Black People votes that counted to put that president in office. Study before answering. Ase

  6. Cypress Golden Bronze 97 % if the black people that voted…yes…but only 40 percent of the people that COULD vote…I did study, worked as a volumteer for him, even the Black Caucus didn't support him…remember…I am an Obama supporter…but the truth is the truth…They way u put it is 97% of the votes for the whole election were Black…..not so..

  7. Dedrick Page says:

    First black president and all black people think is that he has to be the new Moses and yes I'm happy that people have learned a little something about executive orders, but of course you are not taking into consideration the total effect of it. Not only do republicans not agree with executive orders. A lot of democrats would rather things go through the process rather than taking it upon himself. That's the problem with this generation, we want what we want right now

  8. I'm a Obama supporter also but there is no way that black people put him in office. Blacks only make up 13% of the population and 20% of those can't or wont vote. We don't have the numbers to vote anyone in a national election

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