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5 thoughts on “This Video About the 6 Million Years of Man’s Evolution Is Possibly the Worst Propaganda You’ll Ever See

  1. Phil Nessy says:

    The oldest bones of man, are of the BLACK man and over thousands of years and the BLACK man has been the same. Visit Addis Ababa National museum in Ethiopia with the oldest fossils of human and you will see that the form has not changed for millions of years from the bones of LUCY. Black is the dominant and white is the recessive. This theory is to support white supremacy, because the white man is not more capable in anyway shape or form than the BLACK man except in the area of destruction of everything around. Only one thing here that is correct, is that the white man is an offspring from the BLACK man and not a more refined human.

  2. Phil Nessy says:

    Benyamin Tover some people are wise and some are otherwise

  3. Ha haa haaa. Back to your tree and continue brachiating; you're making me visualize Planet of the Apes.

  4. See the photos of the Bhatti Tribe albinos to see where whites really descend from.

  5. That's like the point of the video, the youngest phenotype they included was white, since the caucasians with white traits are only 11,000 years old. Also you was really wrong about lucy. How is this propaganda? It could had been a polynesean, White european or south american native, the 3 youngest phenotypes.

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