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14 thoughts on “Fox News Panel Is Literally Losing Their Minds Because Black Football Players Forced Mizzou President Out

  1. Nmawa Toe says:

    Did he say the inmates are running the asylum? Fox News never fails to amaze me.

  2. Tony Hicks says:

    Eric, did you know that it wasn't just the Black Football players that refused to play right? And your tiny little brain understood that if Mizzou didn't field a team this Saturday the school would need to pay a $1,000,000 fine to BYU? How were you planning on finding a team by then again? Oh yeah the Basketball team…

  3. Kanye said it best. Even if you in a Benz, you still a nigga in a coup!. Very subliminal way to use the word inmates when talking about Black college educated young adults. I wish I was on that campus because I would've been front and center with them.

  4. Shaun Blackk says:


  5. It's a new age. Get use to it.

  6. These ass holes want the day of old. In fact I hope other schools stand up to what is right and wrong. Who gives a fuck if they were a losing team, they are sure winning with this performance.

  7. FOX news fox fox stop being a Delusional

  8. WOW Juan grew some !

  9. Obviously Black atheletes dominate and they line their pockets off their natural born skills. I say revert to independent everything, since they are good w/o them and they are not needed…I'll wait!

  10. Jeff Sed says:

    He doen't want his kids to sit though black kids protesting racist acts. I don't want my kids to sit through racist attacks.

  11. He wanted to say "the slaves are running the plantation".

  12. This is an example of white people fearing the unity of black people. I seen it when he started with what if others follow suit. They know that predominantly black football teams have power and can exert it. They needed that football team to win or the school has more to lose. Not all the protestors were black, but black athletes took the lead in this protest. No matter what they will try to find some way to criminalize black people. He referred to them as being prisoner, which makes no sense. White fear of losing power is the reason for thier response.

  13. Nothing new here… this is typical "white privilege" rant. If you don't like it or feel uncomfortable its probably because you are a part of the problem and not solution. Who cares what they don't understand… we'll work on colors next week. Get used to it… this is nowhere close to being over. We have a whole country to liberate as far as racism goes. Leveraging economics and peaceful demonstration is what the civil disobedience of the 50s and 60's was all about. So long as the president and chancelor of the college have been removed, maybe leadership can take on a new and diverse direction where unity can thrive.

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