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9 thoughts on “Things Get Incredibly Heated When This Fox News Analyst Tries to Blame Black Culture for the #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh

  1. He could've owned her more than he did just by reminding Miss Ann of Americas racism where she benefited from at the expense of Black people. She had no business teaching anyone anything, especially a Black child. She's a angry White woman, with a nasty chip on her shoudler.

  2. Maybe she was getting "disrespected" when she was a teacher because she's a racist bitch. She had no respect for the students, why the hell should they respect her? Hell, I'm a white, Canadian woman and I can see that that poor child was being attacked, and the other children are terrifyed. Why ISN'T the cop being charged? Why ISN'T there studies of angry male white mass shooters?

  3. It's amazing to me when I hear people speak about violence then try to lump in in the black commuinty. This country was founded on violence and the violence was toward people of color.

  4. I would Luv to whopped that punk ass bullshit ass Cops ass, and slap the shit out this punk ass Fox news analyst bitch. I would Luv that…

  5. Eric Wright says:

    My question is.. what does the Black Lives Matter movement have to do with this incident? She's just another overtly closeted racist trying to silence black voices when they speak out against injustice.

  6. him put her in her place that woman has no manners

  7. Tony Dormio says:

    HAHAHA!! you bunch of racist livin in your Black and White worlds…small minds!!

  8. Make sure you do not look into the scientific studies of Toxic Black Culture.
    Maybe starting with Dr Thomas Sowell…O never mind he is a black man. He does not have anything intelligent or important to say. Black people are not the problem it is everyone else that is the problem.

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