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Barbados and Guyana Sign Third Memorandum, Strengthening Understanding for Co-Operation


Foreign Affairs Minister Maxine McLean

Barbados and Guyana have signed their third memorandum of understanding for co-operation in a number of areas in training and projects development.

Barbados’ Foreign Affairs Minister, Maxine McLean, and her Guyana counterpart, Vice-President, Carl Greenidge, inked the principal understanding which covers areas ranging from maritime operations to tourism.

This MOU follows the 2013 agreement that saw, among other initiatives, Guyanese being placed at the Crane Hotel for work/study experiences in tourism management and services, and Barbadians being trained at the Guyana School of Agriculture.

“It is critical that we maintain very close links that have characterised the relationship between our two countries.

“We had the opportunity to assess our performance today, but more importantly to determine how we would go forward,” McLean said.

She added that the exercise will not only benefit the two governments, but will “very broadly touch several critical economic sectors of our respective countries”.

In addition to more training in tourism and agriculture, the 2015 agreement includes marketing of products and services to link the Barbados beach experience to Guyana’s eco-tourism product.

With maritime cooperation is now on the agenda, there are plans for a pairing of the ports in Bridgetown and Georgetown for an exchange of personnel and training of Guyanese engineers.

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