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6 thoughts on “Breaking: Deputy Fields Officially Fired After Assaulting Young Black Teen in Classroom

  1. Where is this 3rd video that shows the student hitting the deputy??? I'd like to see this video that's bring these alligations against this child. Although, who would be surprised or who wouldn't expect someone to react to that type of treatment???

  2. Luci Ryan says:

    Where is the so called video? It does not exist.

  3. Well what kind of pain was he in from a frail hit from a young girl to have him believe that his actions who be justifiable. He had every intention to act exactly as he did. He felt like because he was authority that she had to listen and obey what he said even if she felt she didn't do anything wrong. Any human being who feels like they did nothing wrong would probably do exactly what she did, refuse. Everyone in the class is saying the same thing why try to justify if it was necessary looking at the body difference was enough to say it wasn't.

  4. Tony Witter says:

    She did hit him………after he started man handling her. I would, wouldn't you?.
    Now…….. imagine if there were no videos ?

  5. David Brown says:

    Odd though that the teacher felt she was doing enough wrong, for the officer to have to be summoned. The teacher should have handled it,, by pulling the girls desk out into the hall with her in it. Same thing the officer should have done. Why hasn't there been any questions asked of the teacher as to why the officer was summoned in the first place? if people don't think that matters, they are wrong. The officers are to remove students that don't comply with the teacher, and yes the officer went to far. Like I said,, just pull her desk out into the hall with her in it. Call her parents.

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