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103 thoughts on “Sunny Hostin Rightfully Goes Off on Don Lemon for Trying to Justify a Police Officer Brutalizing a Teenage Girl in Her Classroom

  1. We need to know why was the officer called out to the classroom.

  2. Noone, let alone a child should be treated like that

  3. Don Lemon is a Coon for CNN anyway. What did you guys expect him to say?

  4. Robert Davis says:

    don lemon is a pussy…

  5. Steve everytime Don Lemon opens his mouth it is against Black People…I dont care if they are wrong or right !!!! He automaticly said the girl was wrong… saw the tape…..and so did Don Lemon……

  6. Vicki Hatter says:

    As parents if we did this we would be dealing with child protection services and jail.

  7. Don Lemon …UUUhhggg……. This school officer wrongly used excessive force on this girl. Totally disgraceful

  8. Anything that Coon is on I will not support.

  9. Exactly Douglas. A parent can't even treat a child like that but it is abusive. And if she did something before the video you arrest her and charge her with the crime. It is not the job of the police to mete out punishment…

  10. Shun Garlon says:

    Douglas E Pendleton yesssssssssss… from the "class room" to "the jail cell" that will learn'em. Punishment fit for "colored girls and boys". smdh That was extreme! There is NO excuse for his use of force.

  11. Byron Woods says:

    man if that was my child done like that words cant express how i would react

  12. Man don't hurt a kid for walking through your yard. Different time can not look at how we were raise and compare to today raise kids. They got Aids,drive by,gangs,molesters,all kinds of drugs,police and list go on and on to worry about. Feel sorry for the youths of today.

  13. Go Fuck Yourself Don Lemon…Pussy!!!

  14. That so-called blck man obviously has no children of his own. NO child should be treated like that. I would sue the cop, the teacher who just stoodand watched, the principal, the whole damn school distrct. Lucky it wasn't a child of mine. Would have been some repercussions and consequences, maybe even some blood shed.

  15. Tanja Brooks says:

    Amen totally Agree

  16. Wanda Abioto says:

    I do not need to " know more about passing judgment" on the excessive use of force. I may need to know more about what percipitated the event – but I don't need to know more to see what my eyes see – and draw a conclusion. I am surprised by his statement… but maybe I need to know more about his position.
    ( smile) Have a great day!


  18. Study the use of force model. If you are not familiar it will show the the cop is wrong.

  19. Steve Irvin Man you and I know if it was a white student that a cop did this too Don would not even be talking like that. Black always seem to equal bad when it comes to CNN. Don is one of those repecatbilty polictics black folks. I bet if I came in the school and grabbed my own kid up like that i would be arrested. That cop was out of line.

  20. She had a cellphone out. That is why the teacher called the cops to the classroom.

  21. Steve Irvin –If you say so brother

  22. No matter what she said she didn't touch him so he is dead wrong for handling that li girl like that he should be fired immediately and the family should press charges on his bitch ass cuz it's just wrong period

  23. Steve Irvin says:

    Lydia Griffin All anyone does when race is brought into it, no matter the context, good or bad, is just drawing lines in the sand. It sets up an us vs. them mentality. Thats not the progess anyone is hoping for. Color doesnt dictate right or wrong. If it did i would be siding with the cop, who is clearly wrong, and him being white has nothing to do with that.

  24. he is gay and used to being abuse by other men which is why he can say shit like that.

  25. I am with you Lydia. I can't even teach anymore, because this is what they do. As a teacher with the "emotionally and behaviorally challenged" teenagers, I have seen stuff like this done…and guess what…if I, as the teacher speak up, I end up in the principal's office! It is not right at all to throw a chair back with the student in it. If it were my kid, I would have shed blood.

  26. Anyone that condones that cops actions is a heartless depraved individual that harbors the same mentaility as that cop. There is no way that a sane person can watch what that cop does and try to justify his actions. Don Lemon ascribs to the White is RIGHT/GOOD and Black is WRONG/BAD theories. Issues like this has upset the balance of power in America. Ever since they put Cameras on phones and security Cameras on stores and light poles things that used to be done unchecked are now being brought to center stage and it's upsetting people in high places, so they hire talking heads such as don lemon to try and refute what we see. Don Lemon is just a PAID UNCLE TOM. A PAID HOUSE N*[email protected]

  27. YOU BETTER DAMN SIGHT BELIEVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Steve Irvin –If you say so

  29. How do you roll a child around in a desk and say it was justified? She didn't fight back at all. Sad


  31. Douglas E Pendleton And?

  32. Joe Sanchez says:

    it seems many cops now are just blood hungry monsters. kids used to be off limits.
    ….. shame on them….

  33. Steve Irvin says:

    Joyce Thornton Eggleston So that makes Dom Lemon an asshole, not a black asshole.

  34. This is horrifying. Not only for the girl (victim,) but look at the example being set for the other students. This is part of the School To Prison Pipeline. It's real. It happens all the time. It is disgraceful.

  35. Esha M Green says:

    It's so freaking ANNOYING that he won't SHUT UP and let her flipping speak!! That's so flipping annoying, don't fukcing speak over her. This is why I can't deal with MEN, especially these macho men who think everything they say FINAL. No I'm not guy for those wondering but my God, let the woman speak, no one wanted to hear her opinion and why is the she's a black woman so her anger is automatically invalid. The only reason that bitch of a cop did that is because yes she's and BLACK FEMALE. You think he would have even been CALLED if this was some privilege white bitch? nah

  36. No, we do not need to know what was going on prior unless it is about police training. If parents did this to there child and someone saw it happen, the parents would be vilified and the child removed from the home yet police can do the exact same behavior we are supposed to cakl them for.

  37. The hell with that Nancy boy Don Lemon. He is a hack journalist who no one in the industry takes seriously. He’s pretty much the black version of Geraldo Rivera. The only purpose he has is to play White supremacist advocate and trash black people on CNN

  38. Don Lemon's moist ass needs to go some where with his sambo ass

  39. Tonya Oliver says:

    We are weak and stupid black people

  40. I am sick of this sorry ass Don Lemon. While I don't dispute what I don't know about why the girl was asked to leave there is no dispute that this kind of force to get her to do so is uncalled for.

  41. Larry Clark says:

    what the hell is Don Lemon looking at? Why is he trying to justify this…fool we got eyes…we can see what happened…gay ass

  42. Steve Moore says:

    negropeons like this tom ass will always be the 1st to defend the beast,but gaureentee this when we have finally had enough you can bet that toms like this will be at the front of the line to be executed as traitors

  43. Gay ASS Don Lemon. That fag is a jerk!!!

  44. "Coon Train is coming…"

  45. Would not want to be a police and glad my children are grown, I will say kids today are sooo disespectful, curious why the police had to be called. I used to vol, work with kids in ATL, veeery disrespctful, That the teacher and principle are there shows the kid had already ignored them. True story, over the summer in ATL , this young kid maybe 15, walks through my yard, i stop him and tell him PLEASE dont walk through my backyard, he looked at me got smart and rolled his eyes, i made a nice jesture and offered a handshake to be nice, He got smart, rejected my hand shake and walked away, ON MY PROPERTY. I could have hurt that kid and been well within my right. Yes you hav bad police, But ppl and their disrespectul kids, school them yourself, and could care less wodont like what i say. If the school called my parents my day would have beat my behind as would i with my kids, it would ever have reached the police

  46. Don Lemon is a fraud and a suck-up to the establishment. He has no idea what he is talking about here while someone's child is being thrown around like she is an animal. I'm done with his dumb ass…

  47. Dear Mr. Lemon, How does your master's di*k taste?

  48. I do believe people like him will get their reality at some point .Who give a dam about what happen this was not call for. This was not a blow for blow situation were you can have a discussion it was right out abuse of what they call power. One day soon people like him will get a reality check on who they really are in THIS country .

  49. He could have broken her neck!!! PLEASE,PLEASE Take cops out of schools. They are NOT TRAINED to de-esculate problems.If a teacher can't " figure out" how to handle students …..get another job.

  50. Are they serious. This is a human being, child and somebody's daughter. I would really hate to think that my grandson or anybody's child, going to school and have to experience such emotionless, brutality. This is crazy. How long do people think that We are supposed to put up with this? As a nation, we ought to be ashamed of ourselves for allowing this kind of brutality of our children.

  51. That's so crazy..regardless of race no child should be treated that would have taken Jesus himself to come down and pull me off that officer and who ever else..because this is why we don't like the police becasue they think a badge makes me someone..but the question is..what I'd someone did his child like that..there is a special place in hell for him..I wish it was mines they would have to kill me..because I would have blown that damn school and jail up..

  52. LM Wilson says:

    So ticked off I put know instead of now! Smh the society we live in.

  53. The officer who assured the girl was a white officer. Who said he was black?

  54. Don Lemon is a joke.

  55. don lemon is a #sellout

  56. Doll Marie says:

    Where are the women's rights activist, and the child protection activist? Why aren't they holding this guy accountable?

  57. Ssuper Starr says:

    Lydia Griffin He's only saying why the police officer was called to the classroom in the first place. It was an already trivial matter to begin with and it went completely overboard when the cop got involved. In the same breadth, i have many questions about that teacher, as well. Was calling the cop even necessary? And he did nothing to help the student when things obviously got out of control? In fact, a second female student was arrested for attempting to help this girl. smdh

  58. Mark Gunson says:

    Get a fucking clue Don…..

  59. LEMON is a CHUMP! "you don't know if she is Resisiting" Let that had been His Child, oh My bad Can't Make a Child Sticking it up Another Mans BuTT!!!

  60. This is a child, if her mother, father or anyone else did this to her they will be arrested. What's wrong with the "News Media"?

  61. Kendrick Butts I did not hurt him, If an adult had told my parent got smart with an adult, it would be history for me.I do feel sorry for them, But when did this you got to apease the child mentality start, thats why these kids feel that the world suppose to adjust to them. Lets face it Ken the world is not going to coddle our kids because WE give them a pass. and kids will kill you with no remorse,I mentored in Jails and child centers, stopped because the system try and control wha i woud accept, an wanted to bend to the kids,that is foolish, my parents didnt bend to me i had to ADJUST to theirSTANDARDS,and i thank them for it. KEN you cant ignore GODS standards and think you and your kids will fair well

  62. That bastard needs his ass slung around a room like that until he understands abuse of authority. #cowardwithabadge

  63. Tonya Oliver, Thank You, Im very ashamed of our people. why is it so hard for our people too see, that the standard is void when dealing with our people. Fuck Don Lemon he a Sambo of the greatest extent because he doesn't know it. Don is not the problem thou!!. The problem is the infultration of KKK and Radical Republicans into key positons of State Govenment. This started with the racist polices of President Reagen and his believe in States Rights. This is not new. If we continue to allow the Brain Washing of white american to continue we will all be back in slavery……. "The Prison industrial complex"

  64. Are you saying that ignoring the principal and teacher and rolling eyes is reason enough to be man handled and thrown across a room? She is a teen. That's what they do. We were disrepectuflly rolling eyes and what not at that age. Were any of the offenses worth calling the police in the first place? She never threatened anyone or they would have said so from the jump trying to justify this. I understans with school shooting and all the need to have officers on campus, but it has also become a crutch for administration to use them for everything instead of handeling problem themselves like that used to.

  65. Eric Sanders says:

    When I in school, the cops were never called for a disruptive student. If couldn't have been mine. And people are cops luves matter. Thus is why they are getting killed.

  66. Don Lemon has to be the most clueless commentator on the air.

  67. Thats not entirely true, she did punch him when he attempted to remove her from the desk.

  68. Felecia Carver i respect you views, we grew up in different times, i didnt roll my eyes at my parent or any adults, if ignored the teacher it would have never got that far cause my FATHER would have been up there to straighten me out, they would have just called him and that would have been enough,You ignore 3 different different authorities and you 15 and expect to bend until YOU ready to do what you want, somebody need to teach that child the real world.She wont keep a job with that warped thinking

  69. Very unjustified……Despite, what she said or done, her actions didn't warrant such aggression. This maniac is treating her like she's an animal or someone attemptng to do harm to him, herself or someone else, which is not the case. Amarica …..Wake up!!!

  70. Shit got so heavy with this girl that the teacher called the administrator, when she wouldn't listen to the administrator, the administrator called the school cop, then she wouldn't listen too the cop he forcibly removed her. I want to know why the situation got to where it did. If it was defiance over the teacher trying to confiscate a cell phone or simply refusing to leave the class at some point somebody is going to physically remove her. If the situation was over something as petty as a phone or just simply being stubborn and the principal played this tape for my mom, she would whoop my ass for misbehaving in school.

  71. Sheryl Love says:

    Douglas E Pendleton Don Lemon is just a typical house nigger cooning for white approval…

  72. Don whoever showed his true colors as a milk toast week punkass….

  73. Samuel Paige says:

    Kiwanis Hinton So what you're saying is you agree with what the Thug did to this child. And somebody meaning that THUG needed to teach that 100lb little girl a lesson. Is that what you're saying???? Lets say it was your Daughter would that be alright in your eyes. And answer this wisely. And don't give me the Bullshit about your Daughter wouldn't behave like her. Answer My question. If your Daughter got out of Line. Would you be ok with her Being Brutalized by a THUG in this manner?????????

  74. I could care less what she did or said to get this dude whom we pay to protect and serve to treat her like a damn animal. Excuse me, they would never treat an animal that way. I know kids can be disrespectful but it looks to me like she simply refused to get out of her seat. Problem could have been solved easily by 1. Calling her parents 2. Letting the bell ring and she's dismissed! This young lady should never experience this treatment in the hands of a man PERIOD and the young men who had to suffer and watch this in silence should not have had to be emasculated that way and the punk ass teacher (I don't give a damn black or white) If that were my students I would have said SOMETHING…."No, Wait, Stop" SOMETHING! What is happening to our people TODAY is is exactly what has happened in Slavery days! Abuse us, while I men stand back and have to watch and vice versa. This had me in tears!

  75. Don Lemon ain't no man, what kind of man sit back and watch this little girl get man handdle like that. And he says he need to have more information about an abvious abusive situation involving this Cop, give me a break here…

  76. Took the words right out of my mouth!

  77. Deb Ramirez says:

    My first thought was this was all over her either not giving up her phone or something similar. I then read in some comments that's exactly what it was about. With the child sitting in her chair, he had no business rolling it back and then throwing (that wasn't a take down manuveur that's bs) her across the floor. Everyone is exactly right, if a man does this to a woman it domestic abuse, if a parent or adult to a child it's abuse…his position as an officer does NOT give him free reign to physically abuse a child and then call it routine. I don't care what color the girl is, it's flat over kill for sure. She was sitting down period. Teachers now do call the school officer for everything because they don't want to deal with them. I say school suspensions, parent's called, kicked out some other method of punishment for crap like cell phones in school. I know it's a huge problem but this kind of physical force especially with kids doing nothing but rolling eyes and giving attitude is what draws the line between hate/love of police. You can do your job without being so violent yourself in most cases.

  78. Samuel Paige I raised 3 GROWN BOYS, and yes i had to go up to the school on a few times, so if the teachers had a problem they called ME, It never got that far, same for my father, the teacher called him, I WASNT RAISED to ignore, teachers and principles. Because thats a battle YOU WILL NOT WIN. I dont question he not a THUG, BUT think they didnt have thug police in my day, YES they DID but we we listened to our PARENTS, because what they taught us helped us to AVOID situations like this. A police stopped me on a mistake i listened, he called my father and it was cleared up, Thats what my parents TAUGHT ME, i didnt sit there give attitude get an attitude like the world is suppose to bend until IM ready to comply, GET REAL, i mentored in ATL and i was suppose to bend to the KIDS, i stopped mentoring, cause those kids werew out of control and had a since of entitlement, and theses were white and blacks boys and girls. SO SAM what did you teach your children about respect for authority.

  79. Are you kidding me? That type of force of a unarmed female child is unnessary, and he need to be out of the police business. That black guy need to shut his damn mouth because he down know what the hell he's talking about. Take that from me, a retired peace officer.

  80. Such Force is NOT necessary!! I do not see the girl "punching" the officer!! What I see is a goon mandhandling a young girl like an animal!!! If this was my daughter, I would be suing someone!! you don't EVER put your hands on a child!!! He drags her on the floor like trash!! If I was the parent of this girl, I would find out where this animal lives and it would be payback time!!!!

  81. Steve Irvin him being Black has everything to do with it, don lemon is a COON. and thats always been clear


  83. I'm sick of the these coons justifying police brutatily

  84. Debra Grant says:


  85. Don Lemon by name and nature. #UncleTomCoonery

  86. Steve Irvin The difference is that as a Black man he should have more insight and sensitivity than his white counterparts. It is highjly likely he has either personally encountered or witnessed encounters wherein Black people have been mishandled and mistreated. He defiitely should have known better!

  87. Don Lemon, is nothing but a dam uncle tom…………..real ass

  88. Steve Irvin Let me 'splain it to you Steve: Don Lemon, like it or not, is Black. Don Lemon, like it or not, is also an asshole Therefore, Don Lemon is a Black asshole. Elementary, my dear Steve! (sarcasm off)

  89. Kiwanis Hinton Just HOW did your FATHER straighten you out? PLEASE DO NOT SPARE the DETAILS!

  90. Kiwanis Hinton You act like your experiences with the youth today are the whole of who they are, and that is so far removed from the truth it's ridiculous and pathetic! Black youth are persecuted from the moment they enter this prejudiced, sickening society, and if they don't respect people who mistreat them, disrespect them, and criminalize them before they can barely walk or talk, what do you expect them to do? If you teach them not to value their lives, then they will not value them,,,or yours. People like you treat them like they're less than human, then act surprised and blame them when they act that way. Your attitude is a huge part of what's wrong.

  91. Speak for yourself and I'm sorry you see yourself that way.

  92. Tony Nyagah says:

    Looking at the comments here it's so dissaponting. This goes back to parenting. No one agrees to the use of force and how the cop handled the situation all Kiwanis is saying is we need to teach our kids dicipline. My kids dont take their cell phones to sch or to their rooms. They respect adults. This should have not STARTED and that why it ended this way

  93. nothing can justify the use of that kind of force

  94. John Jones says:

    I don't care what my daughter said or done, ain't no man gonna treat her like that and live !

  95. Linda Morris says:

    If that was his DAUGHTER..would he b in his LOOKIN at this different…WRONG

  96. Don wanna be white is a suck up…

  97. A white "CHILD" would have never been treated in this manner! No matter, what she did, to be treated in such a harsh and brutal manner, is truly not exceptable. What is more alarming to me, not one person moved, or seem surprised by his brutal attack, I probably would be dead, or in jail, because I would have jumped all over his head!

  98. Guy Maxfield says:

    Don Lemon is a very Ignorant Person.

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