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11 thoughts on “Second Student Who Was Arrested at Spring Valley High for Standing Up for Her Classmate Speaks Out

  1. Renean Fant says:

    Really,1000 bond just because she asked a question…This has got to stop

  2. Burt E Gaine says:

    glad somebody took up for the girl. may have been wrong, may have been right I do not condone the kind of action the resource office took

  3. I keep hearing, this is got to stop, but we work in the system, we vote in the system, we financed the same system that we are oppossing.

  4. Eddie Swaby says:

    The school is responsible . They hired that asshole.

  5. UK is far civilised than America, this can't happen here

  6. Absolutely! the Teacher! He just stood there and watched that MAN handle that baby like a rag doll. He MUST not have children of his own. I don't care what the girl did before that. She did not deserve to be treated that way!

  7. Do Black Lives Matter To The Oppressors? No!!! Just stand and watch the whooping. Asking questions will cost a grand or a killing. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

  8. HELL YES… Death to the thinkers…

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