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9 thoughts on “This Woman Saw Cops Brutally Handling a Homeless Person, the Way She Intervenes Is Awesome

  1. Kamira Love says:

    Disgusting mindless abusers in uniform.

  2. Marvin Martian u are clearly part of the problem! Smh

  3. Remember everyone, you must treat blacks delicately as they rob, beat and murder you.

  4. Marvin Martian you are making a blanket statement which says your prejudice!! don't group everyone……NO ONE DESERVES TO BE KILLED OR MISTREATED AS THEY ARE BEING ARRESTED.

  5. Rubie Brown says:

    Marvin, what we must do is make sure KKK mentality Rednecks like yourself are as marginalized as the David Dukes of yesterday so that you don't keep growing like your brothers in Ferguson MO wearing Police uniforms.

  6. Rory Tims holy shit look below

  7. Rubie Brown The problem is YOU are the racists. Go ahead and call me MAYONNAISE and CRACKER. It's ok to do that right. That's ok. Your people's violence is overlooked and condoned. Hell it's encouraged in the media if it's against whites. By the way, David Duke isn't that bad and neither is Tommy Sotomayor. Maybe YOU should watch when Tommy interviewed Dr. Duke. The KKK though is absurd just like the Black Lives Matter movement. Both of them are terrorist organizations.

  8. I'm making blanket satements because 13% of the people in this country commit over 50% of the violence. That is a ridiculous amount. OF COURSE people are going to assume you're violent because YOU ARE. I'm not going to wait to see which one of you are not violent. I'm going to go ahead and err on the side of caution and assume you all are. As far as people not deserving to be mistreated when they are being arrested, that is true UNTIL they start to resist. See you don't see the police as people. You only see the black criminals as people.

  9. Yeah, how's that? Is it because I KNOW how violent black people are on average? STOP BEING SO VIOLENT. I'm going to let you in on something. White people are starting to get EXTREMELY angry. They are sick of walking around on eggshells trying to be nice to black people while black folk are so constantly violent. If you think things are bad in this country now, just wait. I use to be on your side. I'm not anymore. Your people needs to start proving they can live with others and not be so violent. I don't know if it's nature or nurture personally and I don't care anymore. The fact is 13% of people in this country commit 50% of the murder. THAT IS INSANE.

    Honestly I think it's too late. White people have probably been pushed too far now and there are those in our group that tell us to HATE you. You just keep giving them ammunition and it gets harder and harder for us to deny that you are a criminal race.

    You're not going to like white people when we come out publicly saying this. I'm not going to like it.

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