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5 thoughts on “Cop Barbarically Rips Peaceful Black Teenager From Her Seat In Front Of The Entire Classroom

  1. Steve Moore says:

    this why i rejoice when one of these bastards get lead poisoning,he will catch a hot one one day

  2. Someone is going to get paid sooooooo much money for this. The kid will have his college money in place now. Maybe no pension in sight now, or job either. Uncalled for. A lesson learned.

  3. I've served as a Substitute in Public Schools. I've come face to face with troubled children, and yes, teens are children. However, I'm almost convinced "Black Lives" do not matter, in the actions and subconcious of the Criminal Justice and social sytems of the USA. The years of the Obama Administration has unleashed a fury of violence and economic sanctions upon African-Americans. I know that Racists are having a difficult time grasping that the son of an African is The Commander in Chief. But this carnage and brutality is more frightful than "ISEL". Shame on the disturbing actions of Police and the "numbing" to compassion for Black Lives. It's not ever been easy, being Black in the USA.

  4. Rubie Brown says:

    Time for our President to write an Executive Order for the protection of the Civil Rights of Black Children who are not safe in schools that our tax dollars pay for. We pay for the support of millions of children whom we are told fled their country because they were poor and afraid of gangs, so we should not complain about them being here. So our taxes pay to make sure they are safe. Yet our children are not safe in their own country or schools. I don't see this happening to other students. LA schools are full of Gang members from other countries and they are not compliant to the system at all times. This does not happen to them. But a Black female student that barely weigh a 100 1bs can be dragged out of her seat and thrown to the floor like a linebacker on Sunday Game day. I have yet to hear a voice coming out of the Obama Adminstration, or the Black Caucus or any of the Presidential canadidates. But bring up Illegal Immigration and we have a conversation. Yes, Mrs. Clinton we need a New Deal with Black America before the election not after. We need an Executive Order from Mr. Obama on Black Rights in America that includes, Employment, Education, Non Discrimination in Healthcare, because we are dying of curable diseases and Illiness. Reform of the Criminal Justice System, Affordable Housing and real consequences for Police Brutality. No child is perfect not even the ones who come here from other countries. But no child especially a young lady should be treated like they are in a warzone. If her father did this to her we would not ask why? He would have the Child Protective Services at his door and he would be in jail. This officer is not fit for duty and everyone who seen this video know this. If he does this in front of witnesses. I don't want to think what he would do if no one is looking. If our elected leaders and further hope to be elected leaders cannot make viable solutions to address this and other issues concerning the Black Community. Black people need to go fishing on Election Day.

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