10 Incidents That Prove the U.S. Flag Is a Greater Symbol of Oppression Than the Confederate Flag

Slavery and Oppression

Chattel Slavery

Slavery existed under the Confederate flag for four years. However, slavery existed under the current United States flag for 89 years.

The Middle Passage

The Middle Passage

The Middle Passage was the journey that enslaved Africans were forced to embark upon. Along this journey, they were forced to encounter trauma and despair. The men were denuded, tortured, and killed in front of the women and children. The women and the children were raped by European men daily. And the enslaved Africans had no choice but to watch their own people contract diseases, be murdered and thrown overboard. The first Confederate flag was flown in 1861, four years before the end of the Middle Passage. Yet, the United States, which was founded in 1776, supported the Middle Passage for roughly 90 years.

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