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Black-Palestinian Solidarity Video Sidesteps Arab Racism Towards Africans

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Video via Black-Palestinian Solidarity

Arab Racism Under Focus

As the West continues to train its focus on racism leveled at blacks by white people in the U.S. and recently in Europe and Israel, attention has increasingly been directed at the mistreatment of blacks by Arabs in Northern Africa and the Middle East.

For years, observers interested in probing a little more deeply in Iraqi society than the typical Western news stations found that the sizable black population in Iraq endures a form of virulent racism that African Americans haven’t seen in more than 50 years. Blacks there say they are regularly called “slave” and followed by groups of kids yelling epithets.

The Canadian academic Salim Mansur has claimed, “Blacks are viewed by Arabs as racially inferior, and Arab violence against blacks has a long, turbulent record.”

A piece broadcast on a radio station in the Netherlands took a deep look at the racism experienced by sub-Saharans Africans in Morocco, where they are viewed with such suspicion by the local Arabs that an Arab shopkeeper even warned the European reporter to stay away from the Africans because “they might eat you.”

The Africans are forced to live in a camp deep in the woods because they are unable to find jobs to make money—and when they do find work, they believe they are paid poorly because they are black. They are also frequently victimized by criminals who know the Africans can’t report it to authorities because they would face deportation.

“Arabs hate black people. And that is not from today. It is in their blood,” Aboubakr, a young man from Senegal who is hoping eventually to cross over into Europe, told the reporter for RNW (Radio Netherlands Worldwide). “Friends of mine were attacked with a knife. Bandits target us because they know we cannot go to the police, even if we are robbed and hurt. Having no papers, we will be caught instead. Blacks have no rights here.”

Aboubakr is also insulted that Moroccans “cannot believe many of us are Muslims too.” According to him, people are surprised when they see him kneeling for prayer. “They don’t think a black can be Muslim.”

Many Africans know that Arab states have not responded to atrocities in places like Darfur and Sudan because the people getting slaughtered are black Africans.

Read the complete article here: Blacks in North Africa and Middle East Often Face Virulent Racism from Arabs

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4 thoughts on “Black-Palestinian Solidarity Video Sidesteps Arab Racism Towards Africans

  1. Chris Sava says:

    Thank you for posting this.

  2. Shawn Mc says:

    you have to understand in the mind of the black nationalist all he see's is black and white, he see's no other group or aknowledge any other group,

    for him the white man is the enemy and he will jusitfy any other offense by others as a learned behavior from the white man or he will just ignore it.

  3. It/s very real in northern Africa and all over the Arabian Peninsula, and it is particularly seen in the disdain and disrespect that Palestinian merchants operating in all African communities show to the residents who patronize their businesses across America. Yet, the jews in Israel treat them like crap in their own land. This article is the most brutally honest article I've read in a long time.

  4. Illm Illir says:

    Yet people like Marc Lamont Hill wants to tie our struggle in with theirs when they are voliently racist against us as black people in Arab countries. We shouldn't care about Arabs, or Jews and their conflict they both are demons.

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