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5 thoughts on “Ben Carson Gives Some Head-Scratching Answers When Wolf Blitzer Grills Him About Obama’s Race

  1. Bo Digitally says:

    Here is one time I think Ben got it right. Where is the head-scratching? He was clear in his answers

  2. whats funny is everything Ben Carson said was already done in this country without Sharia law i wonder how that happened

  3. he ain't scared. they cannot step to this intelligent man with nothing. he is here to expose the whole shit.

  4. NEVER believe a person who refuses to answer DIRECT QUESTIONS with DIRECT ANSWERS. If you do ? you get what you asked for, begged for and wanted.

  5. he wasn't clear on his answers at the beginning – whether Obama was a christian and whether Obama was …. as they say … black.

    so … Bo Digitally – you just lied.

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