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8 Interesting Reasons Why Black People Should Stop Expecting White America to Wake up to Racism


Blacks Don’t Need White People To Solve Racism

Marcus Garvey taught that “a race without authority and power is a race without respect.” However, due to the degrading experience of chattel slavery, Blacks have developed a crippling desire to prove their respectability to whites, hoping that once convinced, whites will have a moral epiphany that leads to the dismantling of white supremacy. This obsession with white acceptance prevents the race as a whole from doing what is necessary to completely free themselves from oppression. To this point, Dr. Amos Wilson said the white man’s “so called power is based on the nature of the relationship he has with the black man.”

“We empower him,” he said. “He cannot be what he is unless we are what we are. To a good extent the European is our creation. They cannot have what they have unless we are what we are. We can better appeal to our own sense of selves… through transforming ourselves, they will be transformed automatically.”



There Were Second Thoughts After the First Attempt at Dismantling White Supremacy

Even if whites decide to implement equitable policies, they can just as easily make them go away. During Reconstruction, for a brief period following the the Civil War, the U.S government passed several laws aimed at protecting the enfranchisement of the formerly enslaved Blacks. African-Americans were legally granted freedom from servitude, full citizen status, the right to vote, and many Blacks were voted into political office. Nonetheless, the political revolution of Reconstruction spawned increasingly violent actions from the racist element withing the U.S. Eventually, public support for the policies faded in the North, as voters decided the Civil War was over and slavery was dead, leading to the complete reversal of legal protection under the law for Blacks in America.

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6 thoughts on “8 Interesting Reasons Why Black People Should Stop Expecting White America to Wake up to Racism

  1. Why 'wake up' from Oz when you are the Wiz? What would be the benefit for them? BUT if Dorothy wakes up,game over. We are Dorothy.

  2. Howard Jones says:

    But how can they understand racism if they cannot experience it then?

  3. "The first thing you need to understand when you engage the Struggle is that Black people are traumatized; so there’s going to be constant dysfunction. We are building a house with damaged bricks, there’s no way around it, you just gotta keep building anyway." – Diallo Kenyatta

  4. DON"T MAKE EXCUSES.. Accept responsibility.

  5. Think god my black Friend's DON"T have That SLAVE MENTALITY.

  6. La Ruth says:

    I love it! Might I add that the Wicked Witch represents systemic racism and the water Dorothy throws on her represents the thruth that dismsntles the system and sets it's captives free..

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