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24 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe the Incredibly Insensitive Joke Ben Carson Makes About the Cops Shooting Black People

  1. Insensitive butt wipe, don't know what fences he was talking about, don't recall anybody at that time having to jump over 10 ft. fences. He is such a liar. He seems to think it's funny for cops to shoot innocent people in the back. Life is always good until it hit home. Shame on him.

  2. Marcus Lucas says:

    There was a time when the cops would bug about curfew. After the war on black i meant to say war on crack. This is when the government were giving cops a bigger budget. So in order for police department to receive budgets, blacks are the lamb.

  3. If you are not registered to vote and ready to vote laugh with him

  4. Rick Porchia says:

    He was being honest

  5. You are taking this too seriously. Lighten up with this sensitivity. Insensitive Butt Wipe…Some Black People should Stop Crying' ''picking on me''

  6. Insensitive yes, but the truth lies in the dedails.

  7. You thinketh wrong.

  8. Shirley Silver I'm sorry but life is serious to me.

  9. Are you a Christian? I bet you go to church and you pray a lot but you thinketh wrong…..

  10. Honesty is what counts!

  11. I am registered to vote. I am neither laughing nor crying about his words. He was telling the truth.

  12. Rick Porchia…Ditto!!! I am not hurt by his comments. I am not crying about it. Ben Carson is a good man. He is not perfect, but …a good man. His mother raised him RIGHT and CORRECT. What a fine mother, indeed!

  13. Dana Miller says:

    If Satan himself came up here and ran for the American presidency you would have some people covering for him. Just like when thurgood Marshall left office and he was asked should a black man succeed him and he said snakes come in all different colors. Days later we got Clarence Thomas.

  14. Shirley Silver He was telling his truth or as he was sayings he was kidding but it not a kidding matter.People are dying needlessly.

  15. Shirley Silver simple minded fool, I would like to see the look on your face the day the real truth hit yo @$$

  16. Shirley Silver stfu fool

  17. If I am white, a comedian and have a stutter I am brave for making fun of my condition, but if I am black I can't make fun of my situation? Preach Mr Carson preach. Nothing incensitive there, only sensitive people.

  18. Trent Phillips Dammit! I was all poised to tell her to STFU! I'm still hoping that she is not really a Black woman tho……….

  19. Shirley Silver Ben Carson is a fool and obviously you are too!

  20. Gee, I never threw rocks at passing cars. That's senseless.
    I nominate Uncle Ben to be president of the wall-jumping obstacles at Army Bootcamp. Sounds like he's very qualified for that position. Nothing more.

  21. I never threw rocks at cars…..maybe a snowball when you were little, but really who throws rocks at cars…a little badass kid that needs his butt kicked. I find that so strange he would think that was funny.

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