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11 thoughts on “Watch Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte Check Charlton Heston for Ignoring Black Systematic Oppression, Ignorantly Calling it ‘The Negro Problem’

  1. This is why I always had so much respect for Marlon Brando, he understood.

  2. The race question will always cause us to see those we thought were "cool" as unsympathetic as they truly are!

  3. Rol Henault says:

    Schiller Diny Thank you for the link. 🙂

  4. Dave Mills says:

    Does anyone have the link of the full interview?

  5. Remember Elvis, loved him when I was a kid

  6. Dave Mills says:

    Thank you Schiller 🙂

  7. then you found out he stole everything he was from us.

  8. Smeek Meek says:

    Didn't they both marry white women?

  9. Schiller Diny Thank you Schiller Diny!!

  10. Paul Barile says:

    This was a BS headline. Heston never said a word. This clip shares some great ideas – but why drag Heston's name into it. He did't get checked. That is BS. He never even said a word. I don't like him and his guns – but he was NOT checked in this clip.

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