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‘Rosewood’ Season 1, Episode 1: ‘Pilot’

Rosewood-Morris-Chestnut-812x522Rosewood Season 1, Episode 1 airs tonight on FOX.

In the premiere of this drama following a brilliant private pathologist who helps the Miami police department solve its toughest investigations—whether they want his input or not—Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr. tackles a case that hits close to home, and teams up with maverick detective Annalise Villa for the first time.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of one of the world’s hottest cities – Miami – private pathologist Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr. must crack a case that hits close to home. As he begins his investigation, Detective Annalise Villa gives him a run for his money as they cross paths and are forced to work together to help the Miami PD solve the case.

Rosewood Season 1, Episode 1 airs Sept. 23 at 8 p.m. EDT on FOX.

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  1. I really like Morris Chestnut so I was pretty excited for this show, but the pilot was a bit uneasy…it was like they were trying way too hard to establish all the quirks of his character. I will say this though, I thought the same thing about the first few episodes of Hannibal, and that ended up being a really good show…so I'll give it a chance. Oh and I also loved how they used "Go" by The Chemical Brothers during the opening scene – that's one of my favorite running songs, too I'm glad Rosewood and I think alike.

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