The New Documentary ‘Ferguson Cover-Up’ Seeks to Uncover Truth Behind Michael Brown’s Death

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On August 9, 2014, Michael Brown, an 18-year-old Black teenager, was gunned down by Officer Darren Wilson and left in the street for four hours.  In the shootings aftermath, many witnesses came forward and stated that Brown had his hands up as Officer Wilson murdered him.

Following Brown’s death, police leaked information they felt justified Brown’s murder, assassinating his character and essentially killing him again. Every eyeball in the nation was transfixed on Ferguson, Missouri as it became ground zero for racial unrest in America.

Now, director Jason Pollocks’s new documentary, Ferguson Cover-Up looks to uncover the truth behind what happened on the day that Brown was killed.

“My new film is going to take a deep dive into how an unarmed boy in sandals and shorts with his hands up, according to killer himself, could be executed in the street without any repercussions,” Pollack explained to The Huffington Post. “This event has haunted me, as I know it has haunted many others.”

This case remains chilling, but what no one expected was the outbreak of similar shootings and incidents taking place all over the nation since Brown’s death. However, despite many of these similar cases being reported in fine detail and every piece of information being parceled and disseminated, Brown’s case remains shrouded in terrible mystery.  There’s still a story here.

The documentary’s trailer proposes a mission statement to uncover and ruminate over witness testimonies, evidence, and racial relations between the majority white police force of Ferguson and the majority Black community in Ferguson before and after Michael Brown’s death. Over a year later, Brown’s parents are still grieving and attempting to process what happened to their son.

Michael Brown Sr. has released a statement supporting the documentary on its Indiegogo web page.

“My son died a year ago now, and there are still many unanswered questions about his death,” he wrote. “We applaud Mr. Pollock for taking up this case to bring some justice to my son’s name.  We encourage everyone to watch this powerful trailer and support this Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign.”

A chance to support a film uncovering the truth is a worthwhile investment.  People interested in donating to the film should visit



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