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11 thoughts on “On Why Conversation Won’t Liberate Black People: ‘Slavery and Jim Crow Didn’t Happen Because of a Miscommunication’ 

  1. Reid Scotty says:

    We can talk all day about the problem, and we should talk, but at what point does talk translate into action? How about ending slavery and Jim Crow. Oh, you thought it ended in 1865 and 1964? See that is a major miscommunication.

  2. All the talking in the world is meaningless unless Action is taken. I am sick of the " we must have the race conversation" we must demand and see ACTION TAKEN not hollow studies, commissions and promises. Which is what we're being fed now.

  3. KO Ade says:

    For some reason ABS videos will not play on my computer

  4. You say you want change, You're Tired of Systemic Oppression….WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO SACRIFICE.?……So I was informed of an idea to affect and cause change in the movements for fixing #inequalityinAmerica and #blacklivesmatter and my family and I will not participate in #blackfriday or purchase anything until corporate America and the corruption ends in the judicial system I request you all join me and the thousands of others in causing change! No more just marching lets hurt their pockets!!!!
    Understand the ripple effect on America's economy if we just hold on to our money…we are between 13-18% of the population, however we are the #1 consumers of products in this country in relation to all other races combined….so if we refrain from spending during the last quarter of this year Black Friday and beyond, until some REAL CHANGES are instituted, there would be a collapse in America's economic structure, giving us the necessary negotiating power to effect permanent change..LET'S UNITE AND CHANGE THE WORLD….Blessings…. PLEASE SHARE ..THE POWER IS IN OUR HANDS…..


  6. YES!!! ya'll speaking that hot fire!! Blacks constently give their money back to other races…our dollar should recycle with our people at least 3 times b4 it goes to other races…smh…i never celebrate #blackfriday

  7. Dean Green says:

    Albert Cunningham: Please see your "Other folder" for my message to you and reply there–not here.

  8. Dean Green says:

    KO Ade : Please see your "Other folder" for my message to you and reply there–not here.

  9. Dean Green says:

    Heyward Johnson: Please see your inbox for my message to you and reply there–not here.

  10. Dean Green says:

    Porsche Lawrence Thank you. Please see your "Other Folder" for my message to you and reply there–not here.

  11. if you use an Adblock that the reason

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