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18 thoughts on “This Explanation for Why Black People Need Economic Power Instead of Prayer and Forgiveness Is Spot On

  1. I wish he would help us to make the argument for Reparations! He is ontime!

  2. He said it, time to create the world required.

  3. Rossi Love says:

    Denise Murry, Not only do we already have an auguement for Reparations, we have a legal background to stand on. There were treaties signed and all kinds of things we can do without reparations. If we cound just get them to leave us alone and stop killing us .

  4. Rossi Love
    Where is the money?

  5. wow great ,did i hear him say we should talk about it? or act ??? we need to act not talk

  6. Dean Green says:

    Sherlock C Sampson: Please see your inbox for my message for reply there–not here.

  7. Denise Murray We dont have the unity nor the black leaders behind us to get out reparations but we definitely have the legal ground behind our backs. Dr Umar Johnson gives a good explaination on why money is not the answer however

  8. does anyone know where the full video can be found?


  10. Queend Makeda Forget reparations…for now. Until after you and virtually every other black person "asking" for it understands what it is. Btw; reparations is paid by the loser to the victor. talk won't get that done.

  11. …and unfortunately now closer to fruition than ever.

  12. Paul Brewer says:

    Good luck tracing down the mere 3% of only 1/3 of the country who practiced the abomination, and grant exemption th the 14,000 active abolitionsts. More pressing today are the 1,000,000 girls displaced in Africa by Boko Harum and the number of those enslaved in Africa as I write which far outstrips that in any point of our past history.

  13. Peter Brown says:

    Queend Makeda I have never in 50 years voted for a Black leader and you must remember: When we were taken we didnt have unity, we werent one tribe of people, we spoke different languages and in some cases were enemies.

    Unity is YOU…teach through demonstration, you must be successful before you can ever tell another how to be successful. THEN when said success exists, the words you speak hold water, they become real and life changing.

  14. Peter Brown says:

    Where is he entire interview?

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