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4 thoughts on “Panel Erupts with Emotion Over Whether Cops Should Be Able to Review Bodycam Footage Before Giving a Report 

  1. David Stokes says:

    why do these fuckin videos never work when it's about corrupt police or political behavior.

  2. The purpose of the Cams are accountibility… And we are concerned about trust. So if the police is allowed to review the cams, wouldn't that allow him and his cohorts to alter there stories to fit the camera. For years people have been murdered/executed on there words alone and those officers escaped because of the collusion of the officer and the justice system. To allow them to review the video will only make there lies iron clad. More B.S.

  3. make sure you have taken all the updates on your computer. I had this problem, too

  4. no review of the tape by the police.

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