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118 thoughts on “This White Woman Tells Muhammad Ali That He’s Too Arrogant, His Response Is Absolutely Priceless

  1. Maria Malehi says:

    he made it plain…..they will never agree to his points

  2. Total hypocrites. Mr. Ali spoke the damn truth then, and its still today.

  3. Terry Moore says:

    Lol, she stepped to the wrong person!

  4. As they would say in those days ….right on ! Lol.

  5. David Odom says:

    "Just buy a ticket to see me get my butt whooped." Ali was indeed a genius.

  6. Rg Wills says:

    truth to power

  7. Jamaal Brown says:

    White Guy "I don't know about that."

    Ali "Well, I know about it!!!!"

  8. Ali was very militant in his time but he talk the truth.

  9. This is when black people had heart and courage. Now we got a bunch of cowards and uncle toms. That believe we equal.

  10. Ali's generation is dead. There are no more pioneers. PC rules sadly.

  11. Anry S Dann says:

    He spoke the TRUTH..tho things different now..kinda

  12. I wish I could see the rest of the show.

  13. same game just different rule same shit….


  15. Jeaux Fender says:

    These types of blacks are being iliminated 1 by1.God has an army for them. Its caled the police.

  16. Maxine Pulce says:

    Yep, and they feel the same about President Obama. He's been called arrogant many times.

  17. The truth, hurts a lot of people!

  18. It took a lot of nerve for that woman from England to even address him and make the ridiculous claim that she was a minority simply because she was from England? How many Americans then and now have or had English ancestry? Herein lies the problem and root of Ali's anger that these people with no concept of what American blacks were and had been experiencing (and still are) trying to comment on his character and behaviors! That is the height of arrogance and delusional thinking. Then the other woman comes up with but she's a woman implying he was disrepectful towards her? Did she not grasp how disrespectful and arrogant this woman's comments were to him? You get tired of explaining to people what is obvious. They're either delusional or racists trying to justify their behavior and innate right to not only treat you bad but have the audacity to think you don't have a right to be angered or speak up about it and that's plain nuts! This is the same issue with Black Lives Matter! Of course we have a right to speak out about the senseless murder of Blacks who are American Citizens. Trying to imply that they were thugs and the police were justified is bs and they know it but trying to twist black peoples arms, manipulate situations and put a negative spin on these murders in order to keep blacks quiet is something they themselves would never allow if it were happening to their race! So they need to either help, or shut up and sit down!

  19. He just showed them how great he is

  20. Terea Harris says:

    That's real swagger! He said it meant it and didn't think twice about who he was saying it to.

  21. Whoa
    ..that was deep and strong and funny as well..The G.O.A.T Mr. Ali!!

  22. Jeremy Booth says:

    Some us just know, no matter how much you duck the truth, it won't go away so better to face the music now then in the future.

  23. He was something else and thats the way I love my black people!

  24. Jeaux Fender Blacks are replenishing every day. We are birthing babies. Better yet, they are crossing over to other races. We are suing the police and getting wealthy

  25. This man was Real as Fuck. We need more Black males to be this real with themselves and with people

  26. Say it Loud we Black and We Proud….that shut her down…..

  27. Jeaux Fender Hey Briyannah, here's one of those uncle toms.

  28. Tony Felton says:

    EVERYTHING he said was TRUE. i UNDERSTAND it is HARD for some white people to swallow, but even in 2015, BLACK people still get treated like they are not HUMAN.

  29. Wil Smith says:


  30. Niko Grist says:

    Work out you crap web page D,L ! Wtf "

  31. that's how we have to be! we can't be scared of em.

  32. Black people still have heart!!

  33. Zarrar Khaan says:

    Its no lt black people have less heart or anything its just that they are gone like a cocunut simple black outside white inside lost their identity

  34. We need to bring that back.

  35. Sandy Martin says:

    Not really…….

  36. Maikeru Ri says:

    The correct term is Sambo's. Uncle Tom was actually a brave man that helped slaves escape.

  37. Roy Mason says:

    That was definitely on fleek!!

  38. Jeaux Fender what the hell are you talking about?….you musta bumped your head

  39. i think that woman said "but she's a woman"…because at that time women were pretty much oppressed by white men too…not in the ways black people were but women were and still arnt treated as equals in american societ…whether black or white…its not untill the 70's that the womens lib movent got any real traction…

  40. Shedrick Roy says:

    If we could have Black People like that here in 2015!!!

  41. say that Briyannah…she just stared at him and looked as if she had that "you know what, he may be right" face…

  42. The blacks in the US need to learn something from this man and others like him. Too long have they suffered in the US. The blacks can start with getting rid of the brand "African American and Black American". You are American. I don't hear people refering to white Welsh Americans as Welsh American or White English American as English American. You all are American as them.

  43. Dante Solomon" But shes a woman" she was at the wrong Session Lol ,I feel were your coming from though 🙂


  45. It's just that their is no more connection between us..It's way too easy to keep us divided once they started giving us a little money. Some of us don't even want to be associated with the struggle, nowadays.

  46. different times call for different things.

  47. That Parkinson disease wasn't a coincidence. They took his ability to speak away, hence his ability to lead.

  48. This was EXACTLY what I was thinking.

  49. To this day to truth he speaks is still relevent. Look at how some white people disrespect my President. Take a look at the comment boards connected with the articles on MSN online. Look at how MSN portrays Black America every chance it gets. For example look at the picture of Freddie Grey's family that MSN placed on their site. The impression is that they are "sleeping" during the proceedings. Shame on MSN for their disgraceful representation of the family, and of course the black hearted white public eats it up. i hope that they hold on to that hate until it eats them up from the inside out.

  50. I disagree with you on that today's generation is no were is way powerful then back in the day our older black people was so scared of whites folks back in the day u must be crazy if u think that now our young generation crazy as a mother fuck

  51. I caught that too! Pure marketing genius!

  52. Think about it. Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, Bill Russell and the other black sports stars were the biggest stars out at the time and most had THIS mindset (along with music stars like James Brown, Marvin Gaye, etc..

    Fast forward to today and the biggest sports stars of today got so many strings attached to them that they better not dare say something like this or they'll lose their endorsements quicker than a minute man. They'll have their publicist put out a statement and call it a day. Or do like the Clippers did last year and turned their t-shirts out and people wanted to compare it to the 1968 Olympics. GTFOH

  53. Mohamed never fight . you screw up your self y

  54. And this dude they call Mayweather thinks he is greater then this man.. This guy Mayweather shows no respect towards the history of this man.. THE GOAT.. ALI

  55. He shut her straight down! !!

  56. He should have went to war he would have been a awesome war hero

  57. Chris Strong says:

    You deserve a million "likes" for this

  58. Chris Strong says:

    Tangelia Sinclair-Moore – It's in the minority now. A lot of these punks are doing it for the 'Gram, posting to World Star or just eating booty like groceries to even take things more seriously

  59. Zarrar Khaan says:

    May b but selling your soul to the devil thats realy good o well but those blacks born in britian or usa thy havnt seen the struggle blacks go through and yet they dont sell up cuzz they have dignity

  60. Sorry, BUT floyds arrogance is NOTHING like THE G.O.A.T.!!!! Muhammed Ali was and still is a King amongst ALL Kings!! IMO, FM couldnt wipe the brow of a man like MA… MA's arrogance was followed up by FULL BODIED action…FM 's arrogance is strictly materialistic, vane and empty…..

  61. Arrogant = "Uppity Negro"

    You know their codes well.

  62. Ali said it all,nothing more to add.

  63. she couldn't move that truth froze her

  64. Eric Martin says:

    Or when he just jumped to conclusion and made something racist out of nowhere.

  65. Yesss Mr. Ali! let her know!!

  66. Roma Thomas says:


  67. That scared the shit outta me!!!! Ali sounded like my dam daddy. Dam.

  68. Avery Moore says:

    When ever a Black Man holds his head up with pride and confidence, and has the ability to articulate, it is veiwed as arrogant, by not only White People; but by many Blacks as well!

  69. Can you imagine Micheal Jordan doing this,thats a joke

  70. Real power comes not from anger or hatred, but the TRUTH and Uncle Ali nailed it!

  71. many of our highly educated Blacks have lost their rabbit ass minds,,, some not all have tried to compare themselvs to whites and started acting the part,,, but the most of us who are alsoo educated are still fighting for our RIGHTS…and we are still strong in that part

  72. James Cole says:

    I would have liked to hear what she was going to say?

  73. Amen Sandra Rodriguez! Very well said!

  74. Ike Sanders says:

    Real shit but so sad at the same time. They still dont care dont give two shits and wont do a damn thing to help change it. They like it the way it is.

  75. Gary Liggons says:

    Pierre Bernardo that does not mean uppity negro, it means uppity nigger! you know that's what it really means. Anybody who can speak with some since and is black is uppity. SMH.

  76. I need to find that book…

  77. I confess this women was out of place. Her comparsion was ridiculous.

  78. Maikeru Ri says:

    At the time of the novel's initial publication in 1851 Uncle Tom was a rejection of the existing stereotypes of minstrel shows; Stowe's melodramatic story humanized the suffering of slavery for White audiences by portraying Tom as a Christlike figure who is ultimately martyred, beaten to death by a cruel master because Tom refuses to betray the whereabouts of two women who had escaped from slavery.[3][4] Stowe reversed the gender conventions of slave narratives by juxtaposing Uncle Tom's passivity against the daring of three African American women who escape from slavery.[3]

    The novel was both influential and commercially successful, published as a serial from 1851 to 1852 and as a book from 1852 onward.[3][4] An estimated 500,000 copies had sold worldwide by 1853, including unauthorized reprints.[5] Senator Charles Sumner credited Uncle Tom's Cabin for the election of Abraham Lincoln and Lincoln himself reportedly quipped that Stowe had triggered the American Civil War.[3] Frederick Douglass praised the novel as "a flash to light a million camp fires in front of the embattled hosts of slavery".[3] Despite Douglass's enthusiasm, an anonymous 1852 reviewer for William Lloyd Garrison's publication The Liberator suspected a racial double standard in the idealization of Uncle Tom:

    Uncle Tom's character is sketched with great power and rare religious perception. It triumphantly exemplifies the nature, tendency, and results of Christian non-resistance. We are curious to know whether Mrs. Stowe is a believer in the duty of non-resistance for the White man, under all possible outrage and peril, as for the Black man… [For whites in parallel circumstances, it is often said] Talk not of overcoming evil with good—it is madness! Talk not of peacefully submitting to chains and stripes—it is base servility! Talk not of servants being obedient to their masters—let the blood of tyrants flow! How is this to be explained or reconciled? Is there one law of submission and non-resistance for the Black man, and another of rebellion and conflict for the white man? When it is the whites who are trodden in the dust, does Christ justify them in taking up arms to vindicate their rights? And when it is the blacks who are thus treated, does Christ require them to be patient, harmless, long-suffering, and forgiving? Are there two Christs?[6]

  79. Briyannah is a racist!

  80. He was, is and will always be The Greatest of All Time!

  81. Shelly Mac says:

    White people are ALWAYS trying to deny racism. lol…and nothings changed.

  82. David Rose says:

    They just don't make them like this no more!

  83. Cora Cooper says:


  84. Jeaux Fender There will be 144,000

  85. Kelly Taffe says:

    He challenged a country that didn't want to wake up..He is called The Greatest!

  86. Kim Preston says:

    They fear us thats why they hate us…….When we were slaves on the plantation playing step and fetch it they didnt give us a second thought. Once we started reading and writing and rising up they got scared. Thats why cops react to Blacks the way they do, they fear us and go overboard to contain us because of that fear. They hate when we speak up on equal footing just like Ali……..They call it arrogance, how dare we speak to the old masters in that way……We will always be a thorn in their side because they had us under the thumb and we rose up to greatness.

  87. I've loved Muhhamad Ali since a child. Helped me find my voice, myself. One of few heros in my life. Focused my thinking.An example of love,strength,compassion,understanding,will,heart and discipline. I've always considered myself lucky to be on the planet at the same time as this exceptional human being.

  88. Loved his "stand his ground,take no shit" attitude

  89. What? God has an army for them, it's called the police. Clarify this please? If I read this correctly, that army could come for your black ass one day! Wow, as I live and breath!

  90. Why not post the entire show…. it's needed!!!

  91. Don't use uncle Tom… Sambo is better fitting…

  92. Ali was right, but even today white privilege exists. And compounding the problem is the fact that few black leaders today really are for the black/brown community (they have sold out). But why did they sell out? There are variables that are often not addressed on the local, federal, international level. a) Real black leaders were killed off or jailed or had to high tail it out of Dodge City/Racist America, others were setup. b) Replacements were identified that had no SPINE and had a low price $. c) Black Americans have bought into the white supremacist system, ideologies, worship, clothing, school system, food, customs, cultures. d) Black music has been hijacked and turned into koon music. The more Americanized black people become the more self-hating and spineless they become. Sadly, few black people can count from 1 to 10 in an original African language, few have even gone to Africa to visit, few know who Imhotep was and what MAAT is! Few care about the Haitian crisis but MOST know the top NBA teams, know where the local chicken joint is, know the lyrics of top songs, know where the fake hair can be bought, know how to NOT WORK TOGETHER. Few love Africans and sadly few Africans (Due to the racist influence of Arabian philosophy and the racist aspects of European religion and culture that were setup in Africa during the SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA and since then, few Africans love black Americans. Conclusion: It may be too late to save black Americans from physical and mental genocide. The only hope is educating children of all colors in true history (not the white washed version) and paying black people reparations which they deserve, desperately need.

  93. Tallulah Tee says:

    He was speaking his truth and power to him 'who feels it knows it'


  95. This is why they destroyed Ali. He was a great example of black manhood. They couldnt outright kill him so they destroyed him in other ways… I dont believe he contracted his current illness by natural means and I will leave it at that.

  96. Ali has always been a hero to me


  98. You cry about the stereotype while living up to the stereotype and complain its not your fault?

  99. You can only blame the white man for your failures and behavior for so long.

  100. Basee Saka says:

    Dante Solomon White men, white women, black men, black women… that was the pecking order back then… the only change is that black women seem to be on the same or slightly higher than black men nowadays… Being a white woman was of no consequence in the video. Ali was being called arrogant because he was a black man who stood up for himself and his own. He was eloquent and was not fearful of society. He had a right to defend himself against her comment.

  101. It's amazing that someone can watch a video and like the person speaking, but say something contrary to what the person speaking would think. Why do people keep talking about labels as if black people created them? It was the rich, white people of America that created the labels to separate us. Black people already don't know what original country we come from because of 200 years of slavery, now you're trying to take the only thing we have, our blackness? I'm pretty sure when Ali was talking about "my people" he was talking about black people. And I'm pretty sure, he wouldn't have a problem with the label. The label is the last thing that is keeping black people back.

  102. Deborah A. Anderson I feel what you are saying but I want you hear me out here. I live in Ghana. In Ghana there are Arabs, Europeans and other classifications that have naturalised to become citizents. They are not referred to as Arab Ghanaian/ Asian Ghanaian but simply Ghanaian. I doubt the black folk in the UK are referred to as Bristish African. Why will you need a label to tell you that you are black? Outside of describing a person while out of the country an American should be called an American. Whether Black or white. When he talks about "His" people I guarantee you there was no one there assuming he was referring to Asian people.

  103. Why do white folks think black men are arrogant when we don't walk around with our heads in our scrotum?

  104. They are deflecting their fear and itimidation of our confidnce and pride in our people –compounded with THEIR GUILT– as us being arrogant. They can't face up to what it is (denial). So they say it is us being arrogant.

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